Terrell Owens would be defined as a non-compliant patient

The following was said by the Philadelphia Eagles’ trainer:

“We understand Dr. Myerson’s point of view. It’s just that our risk-reward is different than his risk-reward,” Burkholder said. “He has great risk in clearing Terrell to play and no reward. We think there’s some risk and we think there’s great reward, so right now we’re going to progress with his rehab.”

No reward indeed. Liability-wise, the physician simply cannot risk medically clearing Owens early for the Super Bowl. No matter how small the chance, if Owens re-injures his ankle, it’s the physician’s butt on the line in court.

From a non-medical, football standpoint, it really doesn’t matter to the Patriots if Owens plays or not. They have already shut down one of the most prolific offenses already in the Colts, who had three separate 1,000-yard receiving threats in Harrison, Wayne and Stokley. Their secondary is no longer a liability, despite the injuries. My personal opinion is that the Owens will-he-play, won’t-he-play saga will be more of a distraction to the Eagles.


Overlawyered thinks that Terrell Owens is going to make Philadelphia Eagles fans bigger supporters of tort reform.

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