Why physicians need a true jury of peers

This case illustrates why a physician needs a true jury of peers in malpractice cases – people who at least have some medical background.  In this case, a cardiologist was sued for giving Retavase (presumably for an ST-elevation myocardial infarction).  Unfortunately, the patient died from cerebral hemorrhage – a well-known complication.  The jury found him liable.  Here’s what the independent counsel found:

A four-person state medical malpractice screening panel that met after the lawsuit was filed found that neither the hospital nor Dr. Hymanson was negligent in treating Healy. The decision by two physicians, a judge and a lawyer was unanimous. But that decision is not binding, and lawyers can continue to pursue their lawsuit, as happened in this case.

The hospital is publicly backing up the cardiologist, disagreeing with the jury’s verdict.

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