Gmail status and winning Gmail entry #3

I still have several invites left. Send me any entertaining, medically-related story or article, and I’ll give a Gmail invite to what I find interesting. I give preference to entries that are well-written.

Our third winning Gmail entry is a quirky story about an IUD of all things:

“After my marriage, things happened so fast. Before I could understand how to decorate my house, a baby was already on its way. Mar 1998, our first daughter was born. We were still trying to figure out how to raise her, that my son’s arrival was forecast. June 1999 is when he was born.

After learning from these two gifts, We decided to practice some form of birth-control. Our Gyne upgraded my wife with a Copper IUD. Things seemed fine, although the damn thing would sometimes make its presence known to my wife by sharp pains when we were in bed. I suspect I also felt it in there. Then my wife went on travel and came back in 3 months, after meeting her parents and family overseas.

Excited to have my wife back, we went on with our daily routine. Pretty soon my wife was complaining of nausea and mood swings, along with tender . Doctor told us what was going on even without a hGh test. We were totally shocked, since we were comfortable knowing that the IUD should have been protecting this.

Later tests confirmed this and we tried to locate the IUD in the 3 ultra-sounds my wife had over the length of pregnancy to check fetal growth. At the end, when my wife was in labour, the OB told us that baby was in stress and labour was not going anywhere and we had to decide within 30 secs to go for a Caesarian.

I was too disturbed to watch the caesarian, but kept myself in control. When the baby was out and doctor was working on stitching my wife, I asked the OB and surgical assitant to take a quick look for one last time and see if any IUD was there 😉 First they couldn’t understand what I was saying, but eventually relented and just did a quick swipe of the uterus and told me that no IUD.

Even after ~3 years of this incident, me and wife still chuckle, wonder and worry “What really happened to that IUD”. BTW, I am glad that it didn’t work or was lost, our 3rd baby is soooo cute!”

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