Solving the puzzle of patient compliance

by Dennis Grace

I recently received a message from the Center for Connected Health.  I must admit the opening of the letter really put me off. It asked:

How do you solve the puzzle of patient compliance?

I responded to the gentleman who sent the invitation with:

Well, you might start by calling it something less offensive. Patient compliance? The phrase assumes “patient” as direct object rather than subject of participatory medicine. We …

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A lesson about true friends for those facing serious illnesses

by Danielle Leach, MPA

“A true friend walks in when everyone else walks out.”

I read that on a magnet on my friend’s refrigerator recently and the simple power of that saying brought me to tears. I have learned that lesson of true friends since my son’s diagnosis of cancer in 2007.

Anyone who has faced a serious illness as a patient or a caregiver knows that you quickly learn who your …

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How repeal and replace will affect patients

by Rishi Manchanda, MD

As a primary care doctor for working families, I am interested in anything that can tangibly address my patients’ health problems. But how do I prescribe repeal?

The House effort to repeal and replace last year’s health care law is not just an untested placebo with major potential side effects, like increasing the number of Americans without health coverage. For those of us on …

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