My interviews on patient engagement and social media

I recently had the opportunity to give two interviews on  patient engagement.

The first was with John Novack of Inspire, who came over to my office to chat about the empowered patient, and how social media and online health information has affected the doctor patient relationship.  

Here’s an excerpt:

Inspire: What qualities do effective “e-patients” share?

Pho: I think they’re proactive in their healthcare. They’re inquisitive. They like to ask questions. And they don’t always take what doctors say as the final word. As physicians, we don’t know all the answers. There are a lot of studies that get contradicted. There’s a lot of new information that comes out, and I’ll be honest, there are a lot of things doctors don’t know. So, I think it’s certainly our responsibility to keep up with that information, but patients have a responsibility too to take control of their healthcare and be that partner that really is the epitome of an ideal doctor-patient relationship.

I was also interviewed by Emmi Solutions, with the 3-minute podcast interview over at Engaging the Patient.