Rahul Parikh on the KevinMD Live Q&A: Tuesday, July 21st at 10:30pm Eastern

Pediatrician Rahul Parikh will be my next guest on the Live Q&A.

Dr. Parikh blogs at sWell at Open Salon, and is a contributor to the Los Angeles Times and San Francisco Chronicle. He touches upon a wide variety of issues, including, health care reform, educating the public on the mythical link between vaccines and autism, and commenting on Oprah’s medical endorsements. In fact, his opinion on Oprah pre-dated the famous Newsweek cover story by several weeks.

Thanks to Dr. Parikh for taking the time out to answer your questions about the life and issues facing an American pediatrician.

See you on Tuesday, July 21th at 10:30pm Eastern. You can ask your questions in the comments below or tweet them to #kevinmdQA.  I’ll also open up the Q&A room several hours before the event so you can post your questions.

Update 7/21/2009, 5:30pm Eastern:

I’m opening up the Q&A room now, so you can join and post your question, or tweet it #kevinmdQA.  Dr. Parikh will join us at 10:30pm Eastern.  Like last week, we’ll spend half the time talking about Dr. Parikh’s specialty, pediatrics, and the other half discussing his take on health care reform.