Discussing health care reform at the National Press Club, Friday, July 17th at 9am

Thanks to Dr. Val Jones for organizing Health Care Reform: Putting Patients First, a panel discussion where health reform will be discussed from a medical blogger perspective.

I have graciously been invited to speak and participate in the ensuing discussion, which also includes other prominent primary care and specialist physician and nurse bloggers like Rob Lamberts, Alan Dappen, Valerie Tinley, Kim McAllister, Westby Fisher, Rich Fogoros, and Jim Herndon.

More from the press release:

As the health care debate heats up on the Hill, join Representative Paul Ryan as he sits down with top medical bloggers from across the country to discuss health care reform and its impact on practicing clinicians. This keynote discussion will be followed by two panels of physician and nurse bloggers who will highlight the importance of putting patients first. Topics covered will include key barriers to health care quality, affordability, and access as well as the potential pitfalls of a new public plan and ways to fix the current system without investing billions in a new one.

The event will be held on Friday, July 17th from 9am to 12pm at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. If you’re interested in attending in person – limited seating is available – please contact [email protected], or read Dr. Val’s post for further details.

Thanks to Dr. Val for the invitation.  I’m just now putting on the finishing touches on my prepared remarks, which I’ll post on the blog shortly after the event.


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