15 cancer screening posts you may have missed

With entries dating back to 2004, here are 15 classic blog posts on cancer screening:

1. Not all screening tests lead to early, better treatment

2. Will the Pap smear soon be replaced by a DNA test to detect cervical cancer?

3. Should men still be screened for prostate cancer?

4. Should we start screening women for ovarian cancer?

5. How much do we really need mammograms?

6. How screening for prostate cancer can be a gamble, and why either screening or not has consequences

7. Will patients accept the limitations of prostate cancer screening?

8. False positive cancer screening tests doesn’t resonate in Congress

9. Are doctors doing too much cancer screening?

10. Should I get a PSA test for prostate cancer? A new study shows that screening for prostate cancer doesn’t necessarily save lives

11. Is prostate cancer being overdiagnosed?

12. Are whites more likely to be screened for colon cancer?

13. Routine screening test recommendations, and how newspapers often get it wrong

14. Should you be screened for oral cancer, and are companies profiting from the uncertainty?

15. How accurate is a colonoscopy to screen for colon cancer?