Can watching the Super Bowl cause you to die?

Football fans may want to engage in some relaxation techniques or anxiety management prior to the big game.

MedPage Today
reports on a study where researchers looked at the 1980 Super Bowl, where the (then) Los Angeles Rams lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game was “high-intensity, [where] the lead changed hands seven times. The game was played in nearby Pasadena, and the Rams had been in Los Angeles for many years. They were also underdogs and went into the fourth quarter with the lead before ultimately losing.”

After the game, there was an increase in both all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in the Los Angeles area two weeks following the game.

They also looked at the Super Bowl four years later, where another Los Angeles team won the game. Soon after, there was a slight decrease in mortality.

The effect is similar to major sporting events in Europe, where the outcome of big soccer matches can influence mortality.

Patients love their sport teams. And when it comes to NFL football, sometimes to the detriment of their health.