Can patients and doctors handle the truth?

An inspiring post supporting the use of evidence-based medicine.

Often times, what’s deemed common-sense and based on ideology is proved wrong by the evidence. And it’s up to both patients and doctors to accept the findings of studies that disproves previously accepted dogma.

Physician David Newman gives us his best Jack Nicholson impression in driving that point home: “The critical question that looms for health care reform is whether patients, doctors and experts are prepared to set aside ideology in the face of data. Can we abide by the evidence when it tells us that antibiotics don’t clear ear infections or help strep throats? Can we stop asking for, and writing, these prescriptions? Can we stop performing, and asking for, knee and back surgeries? Can we handle what the evidence reveals? Are we ready for the truth?”

If we choose not to change our medical practice based on the data, what’s the point of having the evidence at all?