Are the elderly more technologically plugged in than doctors?

Almost half of patients over the age of 65 use the Internet.

Contrast that with the percentage of doctors who use computers in their offices or in hospitals, which is a number hovering around 20 percent.

Of course, that doesn’t mean doctors, in general, are computer Luddites. On the contrary, there are many who are trying to push the envelope, integrating the latest in social media and the Internet into their practice.

But as long as the financial incentives continue to obstruct doctors from adopting technology, patients will continue to be several steps ahead of their physicians when it comes to using the web to manage their health.

Or, as Jay Parkinson writes, “since the Feds define how we get paid, we’re going to limp along . . . while society races past us in this era of profound changes in the way humans communicate.”


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