Why do I need a rectal exam, and what can doctors find with the gloved finger?

Have you ever wondered why doctors have to perform a digital rectal exam?

Well, look no further, as primary care doctor Rob Lamberts gives us the answers discerning readers demand.

Simply by looking at the rectum, which by the way, indeed “takes some getting used to,” can lead to significant diagnostic findings. Furthermore, does tight sphincter tone matter? And should you be worried about the large hands of your physician, or whether your doctor’s nails are trimmed?

Anal fissures, rectal masses, hemorrhoids, prostate cancer or any type of prostate infection or enlargement, and even pelvic inflammatory disease are but a few of the diseases that can be diagnosed with a simple wave of the finger.

So, the next time your doctor puts on that glove, you can take comfort in the good a thorough rectal exam can do for you.