Ten top medical blog posts, March 2009

Here are the top posts from this past month, based on the number of times they were viewed.

1. Is Natasha Richardson brain dead? Was an epidural bleed, or “talk and die” syndrome, to blame after her ski accident?

2. Did the Canadian health system fail Natasha Richardson?

3. Dying from cervical cancer, and the questions surrounding Jade Goody

4. JAMA crushes dissent and calls a critic a “nobody and a nothing”

5. Should I get a PSA test for prostate cancer? A new study shows that screening for prostate cancer doesn’t necessarily save lives

6. The JAMA versus Jonathan Leo debacle worsens, should Catherine DeAngelis apologize?

7. How will the economy affect hospitalist salaries?

8. Why do I need a rectal exam, and what can doctors find with the gloved finger?

9. The retail clinic era is over, and why pharmacy-based clinics are doomed to fail

10. Relative value units, and how the RVU payment system doesn’t allow doctors to practice good medicine


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