Ten top medical blog posts, February 2009

Here are the top posts from this past month, based on the number of times they were viewed. Enjoy.

1. How was Nadya Suleman impregnated with octuplets? Is IVF, the mother, or her doctors to blame?

2. Nadya Suleman’s fertility specialist Michael Kamrava, and how he’s able to stay in practice despite a poor history of successful implantations

3. Ways you can die from having sex

4. Does masturbation really cause prostate cancer?

5. Waiting hours to see a doctor, and patients billing physicians for lost time

6. Should a doctor be banished from medicine after having sex with a patient?

7. Is there really a physician shortage?

8. We need comparative effectiveness research, or, I agree with Paul Krugman for the first time ever

9. Doctors asking patients to pay more of their bill up front

10. Do electronic medical records lead to fraudulent documentation?