Is prostate cancer being overdiagnosed?

Recent data has suggested that we may be finding too many cases of prostate cancer.

This is important, since there are no studies suggesting that screening for early prostate cancer saves lives. In many cases, “most prostate tumors grow so slowly that had they not been screened, those men would have died of something else without the anxiety.”

In fact, the USPSTF recently recommended that men over the age of 75 do not need to be screened for prostate cancer

A study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute shows that between 23 and 42 percent of PSA-detected prostate cancer would not have been detected in a man’s lifetime, which is notable, since many of the treatments for prostate cancer lead to profound side effects like impotence or urinary incontinence.

In other cancers, like colon, cervical, or breast cancer, early detection has a good chance of improving mortality and quality of life.

The same can’t be said, yet, for prostate cancer.