Telling lies to your doctor, and how it can kill you

13 percent of patients lie to their doctors, and almost a third “stretch the truth.”

Chances are most doctors can see through the lies, and in cases like cigarettes or number of sexual partners, physicians already double or triple the numbers patients say anyways.

Why do patients lie? Reasons include “fear of judgment, the desire to appear to be a good patient, a lack of understanding about why certain questions may be asked, and even insurance worries.”

Lying can only do patients harm. An inaccurate base of data can lead doctors astray when forming diagnostic and treatment plans, or worse, increase the risk of medical errors.

I do not know any physician who will render judgments on their patients for their behaviors, and besides, it’s unlikely that a patient can come up with a story that will surprise most doctors.

We’ve heard it all. You can trust me on this.