Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General, is he qualified?

Is this a case of style over substance?

Val Jones, who has interviewed three recent Surgeon Generals, calls it a “shock,” and says, “I don’t think he has the gravitas or appropriate experience for the role of Surgeon General of the United States.”

She cites a source that is concerned about his lack of experience, and notes that it may cause tension within the Pentagon. “It will be difficult for Gupta to be taken seriously by peers at the Pentagon and State Department,” reports the source, adding, “If Sanjay Gupta is confirmed as Surgeon General he will achieve the immediate rank of admiral, even though he has no previous military or public health experience whatsoever.”

Dr. Gupta is definitely an bold pick, but does his credentials as a reporter make him better suited to “public relations for the U.S. government, [rather than] the office of Surgeon General?”