Is health care prohibition in our future?

One scenario envisioned by health reformists is to prohibit doctors from practicing outside a government-run system.

This is the situation in Canada, leading to single-tier health care. Opting out of Medicare and other health insurers remains the last trump card doctors have in negotiations. Removing that option would enslave physicians to the whims of government control. Most health policy wonks would like nothing more than to see that.

Astute cardiologist DrRich however, wonders whether what patients would think. He asks how patients would react by not being able to spend more money for a higher tier of care. Essentially, this will lead to a world of “health care prohibition,” where black-market, cash-only medical services would sprout up catering to patients unwilling to tolerate the restrictions of a single-payer system.

I personally see the public backlash to be a mortal obstacle. American patients are used to choice and having premium, on-demand health care. That will never change.

DrRich adds relevent historical context, saying “prohibition did not work for alcohol, is not working for drugs, and will certainly not work for healthcare.”