How will the media influence health reform?

Here’s a fascinating look at how the media will play a major role in the upcoming health reform efforts.

The public will rely on the on media to disseminate health policy information in order to obtain informed opinions. The problem is, health policy is dry, and rarely results in attention-grabbing news. This is especially relevant as many newspapers are on the verge of bankruptcy and need every reader they can get.

Niko Karvounis writes that “the media doesn’t seem all that ready, or willing, to cover [health policy] appropriately,” and that in an effort to boost readership, “we may again see the media turn to its favorite sport””calling the political horse race.”

The media has the undeniable power to shape narratives. And in the end, public perception will trump policy details. The major players of health reform realize this, and will continue to jockey for position in order to woo the media to put their spin on the reform proceedings.