Are poor products to blame for the slow adoption of EMRs?

Not so, says this primary care physician.

Dr. Rob tells us to stop blaming the current crop of programs, and simply admit that it’s difficult to fundamentally change your practice in order to install a digital record system.

He says that it’s similar to the decision facing those who consider buying hybrid cars, saying “you could spend more money for gas efficiency, but why?” He advises doctors to stop waiting for the “perfect” program, and just jump right in: “It does not matter how elegant a solution is, EMR affords the opportunity to completely overhaul the way care is done and the way an office visit happens. The bigger the change, the bigger the benefit.”

Implementation will be difficult, there’s no way around that. It’s probably easier for practices to transition entirely on day one, rather than incrementally implementing the electronic system piece by piece.

Similar to pulling off a bandage, I’d rather get it over with quickly, versus lengthening the discomfort.

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