Should health insurance cover autism treatment?

If universal health coverage comes to fruition, there will be intense lobbying to influence what will be covered.

Doug Farrago talks about behavioral therapy for autism as being one controversial issue. It’s expensive, hasn’t been proven to work, and addresses a disease where there is no definitive diagnostic test.

Politicians will have to make difficult decisions, or the cost of coverage will spiral wildly out of control.

Will they have the balls to stand up to impassioned lobbying when push comes to shove?

It’s doubtful:

Lawmakers . . . are afraid of looking bad by not supporting these bills. Who wants to say no to children? . . . If we go to socialized healthcare system then the government pays the cost and they just pass it on to the rest of us as well. The bottom line is that someone has to pay for this questionable therapy for a medical problem that isn’t so easy to diagnose.