Welcome again, USA Today readers

An abridged version of my op-ed was published in this morning’s USA Today: Doctors’ pay cuts save little in health costs.

It discusses whether targeting physician pay as a means to control health care spending makes sense and touches on Congress’ recent passage of the Medicare bill.

For those new here, my name is Kevin Pho and I practice primary care internal medicine in New Hampshire. This blog explores the issues facing medical providers on a daily basis. Health care is a major domestic concern, and the public deserves to see what goes on “behind the curtain.”

By providing a physician perspective on issues that the mainstream media may ignore, perhaps we can get one step closer to solving the problems crippling our health care system.

Some of my regular features include:

My Take: Quick-hitting quips on pretty much anything that crosses my mind.

Reader Takes: Provocative opinion pieces from the readers of this blog.

MedBlog Power 8: A weekly-updated list of medical blogs that had an exceptional week of blogging.

Of course, you can always jump in and join the debate on controversial issues like health reform, defensive medicine, the primary care crisis, medical malpractice, cancer screening, and emergency room struggles.

My previous opinion pieces and interviews have appeared in national and local media outlets, discussing defensive medicine (Defensive medicine: Cautious or costly?, Wasted medical dollars), primary care (Shortage of primary care threatens health care system), Medicare payments (Cut Medicare payments for doctors, you’ll have fewer doctors), and poor communication in medicine (What we have in health care today is a failure to communicate).

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Regular blogging will resume on Monday, August 25th.