Miles Zaremski suggests a compromise to health care reform, blending the ideas from the left and right:

Why not provide a basic layer of health protection for all Americans funded with taxpayer dollars, with any additional coverage paid for by the individual, the employer, or both through the private sector? In this way, every citizen will be guaranteed a certain level of health care, while letting market forces take care of levels of health care above a certain floor.

One question needs to be answered before anything gets done. Namely, whether health care a right or not.

The country is split as to the answer to that question, mostly along partisan lines. Simply Googling this question will return a wide array of opinions. I’ve made my opinion on this quite clear in the past.

The easiest way to settle this would be to hold a national referendum, simply asking voters if there should be a right to health care.

This needs to be resolved first before proposing any health reform plan.


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