Sicko: Right to health care, what’s next?

Peter Chowka reviews Sicko and wonders if this is the beginning of the end:

Such an overarching theme would be absurdly funny if it weren’t so deadly dangerous”“if Moore were not, in effect, playing with fire. But our society is now teeming with people who are ready to take Moore’s kind of nonsense completely to heart, conditioned and taught as they have been since birth that they have a “right” to everything they think they deserve, just by being here.

The education industry, the media, politicians and special interest groups have prepared people to anticipate nothing less than complete accommodation of their needs and wants. And now, “health care as a right” has been added to the growing list of entitlements.

Also, David Hogberg refutes many of Moore’s arguments during his press conference. (via David Catron)

Reason Magazine with their review, and reinterates a point I’ve been making repeatedly:

Moore is right that the American system is sick””on this, there is bipartisan and public consensus. The United States has the highest per capita health care spending in the world, with comparatively disappointing results. But his radical prescriptions, which include a call for a British-style, single-payer system, will likely have little resonance with viewers. Indeed, according to a recent ABC News/Kaiser Family Health study, insured Americans are overwhelmingly (89 percent) satisfied with their own care, while broadly concerned about rising costs of prescription drugs and critical of the care others receive.


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