Mirapex and restless leg syndrome

Peter Rost further stirs the pot on Pfizer promoting the off-label use of Mirapex for restless leg syndrome (RLS). The thing is, Mirapex really is recommended as first-line treatment for RLS (via UptoDate):

Begin with pramipexole [Mirapex] (0.125 mg) or ropinirole (1.0 mg) approximately one hour before the usual time of symptom onset; the dose is titrated upward according to response. These drugs are effective and well tolerated by most patients

Off-topic, I like how the Pfizer drug rep described Neurontin:

Neurontin – Christ! Pick a disease. Any disease! Although, much of this off-label use was physician-driven. I recall one of my Neurologists describing Neurontin as the’Swiss Army Knife’ of pharmaceuticals.

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