Flea’s trial blogging catches a lawyer’s attention

Flea has been doing some great blogging about his upcoming malpractice trial. Attorney and med blog reader Eric Turkewitz comments on the risks of this:

In opening the door to the legal sanctuary however — that is, the special place where all contacts with one’s lawyers are protected — he is running two giant risks:

First, if his cover is blown and plaintiff’s counsel finds out he has been blogging, he can be cross-examined on those contacts and advice that he wrote about, for the privilege disappears when the substance is discussed publicly. Second, by opening that door, he runs the danger of his insurance carrier disclaiming against him in the event of a verdict on behalf of the plaintiff, on the claim that discussing his trial prep hindered the defense. The man is, if nothing else, a risk-taker in that regard.

His decision to walk this high-wire without a net brings us to a third issue: If plaintiff’s counsel finds out about the blog, should it be used at trial? A lawyer’s gut reaction may be yes, in order to claim to the jury that what they are seeing is a well-rehearsed act.