Flea on trial: Day one

He’s live-blogging his malpractice trial. Jury selection is the topic of the day:

Attorney Lunt eliminated six jurors with preemptory challenges. All were men and all were college-educated. We challenged two. Both were women. One sounded like she might accept the “Flea is a blithering idiot” argument. The other suffered from the disease that killed Flea’s patient. That left nine women and five men (Flea realizes this sum makes fourteen. Two are alternates) Most of them are young. Flea supposes that attorney Lunt believes that poorly-educated young women are more likely to be sympathetic to her clients. Maybe she’s right, but Flea would much rather speak to fourteen poorly-educated young women than fourteen college-educated men. Flea spends all of his working hours speaking to young moms. Young women are his natural constituency.

Some are speculating that he’s really not live-blogging, but that the trial may have already happened.