Doctors are spamming RateMDs

This sounds more like an argument out of high school:

London, ON, family physician Dr Keith Thompson grew more and more irate as the site grew and so too did the number of comments made about him and his colleagues “” many of them positive, but also some that were untrue and damaging. In early April, after his requests for changes to the site’s owners were rebuffed (he’d asked them to eliminate anonymous ratings and com-ments) Dr Thomp””son began to create false entries to demonstrate the site’s susceptibility to subterfuge by unaccountable internet users. He emailed the site’s co-founder, John Swapceinski, to tell him what he was doing and to warn that he planned to encourage colleagues to follow suit.

After a protracted exchange with Dr Thompson, Mr Swap-ceinski decided to take Hammurabi’s approach and get an eye for an eye. In a message published on the site’s public forum on April 7, he posted Dr Thompson’s name, city of residence, employer, email address and phone number, as well as excerpts from some of his emails.

(via Dr. RW)

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