Avandia: The NEJM is "becoming more like British tabloid newspapers"

The NEJM comes under fire for publicizing the Avandia meta-analysis:

Dr Steven Haffner (University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio), who was involved in the ADOPT study of rosiglitazone, said the paper needed to be published, but it should have undergone a more extensive review, and there should have been a different editorial with more emphasis on the flaws of the study. “The NEJM was irresponsible to go to [Drs Bruce] Psaty and [Curt] Furberg for the editorial–they were always going to emphasize concerns about drug safety; that’s what they do,” he commented. “But I’m not surprised this paper was published like this. The three major medical journals are becoming more like British tabloid newspapers–all they lack is a bare-chested woman on page 3,” he jibed.

(via Dr. RW)

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