Gerald Ford: A waste of end-of-life care?

Matthew Holt discusses President Ford’s expensive, last year of care:

My guess is that over the last 12 months of his life well in excess of $100,000 was spent on his health care. And that money probably extended his life by three months at most. Now for all we know they may have been the most wonderful three months ever for him and his family, but I’m inclined to think that if he’d died in the summer, his family would have been equally fine with it, and the nation wouldn’t have felt any differently about him. But the cost of extending life an extra year in this type of case is probably around $400,000.

How can that possibly have been money worth spending? The answer is that it cannot have been.

I happen to agree with Matthew’s take. Graham takes an opposing view.

This topic was previously discussed on this blog a few months ago.


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