A mother wins a payout for hurt feelings

Luckily, Dr. Bennett doesn’t practice in the UK. A mother gets over $80,000 after an anesthesiologist tells her to quit smoking:

A mother who was criticised by a doctor for nipping out for a cigarette moments before her caesarean operation has won more than £44,000 for her ‘hurt feelings’.

The heavy smoker claimed that she developed severe post-natal depression after the anaesthetist told her off.

The patient, known only as Mrs G, delayed the operation by leaving the ward in the private clinic to get her nicotine fix.

The anaesthetist, referred to as Dr A, claimed her coughing made it difficult to give her an epidural before surgery.

After the birth he told her: ‘You’ve seen your daughter born, if you give up smoking you might see her get married too.’

The patient, who is in her 20s, complained that the doctor had harassed her and was awarded £44,500 for ‘pain and psychological distress’. Her legal fees were also paid for.