How to get a doctor’s attention; or, how far will drug reps go?

Having returned from a major conference like Pri-Med, the pharmaceutical exhibits are always interesting. Essentially, they are engaged in a “top-this” competition of showmanship and extravagance to woo the physicians in attendance. This led to some comical scenes in this pharmaceutical wonderland.

So, how does one win a physician’s attention?

Sleeping all day in your pajamas! (The “O” is for Rozerem – and yes, that was a real person sleeping there. Nice work if you can get it.)

Origami! (Not sure what this has to do with a constipation medication)

Cool magic tricks!

Dressing as a . . . I don’t know what! (I think that’s triglyceride on the left, HDL on the right; pancreas is below)


Masquerading as a coffee shop!

The Truth!