Does Charles Foti have a God complex?

Even legal experts are critical of his misguided accusations of Anna Pou and the Memorial nurses:

Dr. Daniel Nuss, who supervises Pou at the LSU Health Sciences Center, told the Los Angeles Times, “This is vilifying the heroes.” Nuss is confident all three charged will be exonerated.

Others turned their guns on Foti, who is up for re-election next year, and accused him of grandstanding. Dr. Lee Hamm of Tulane University School of Medicine, who also cared for stranded patients following Katrina, asked the L.A. Times, “Where the hell was he? Where the hell was law enforcement? If you want to prosecute, if you want to know who is responsible for people dying, it’s the people who were not here.”

Legal experts are also critical of Foti, saying he can only make an arrest, not charge anyone. The local district attorney has to bring charges. They also say he was out of line by asserting the case involved a homicide, which could prejudice a jury.