Dr. Anna Pou on 60 Minutes

The Attorney General sounds pretty ignorant to me during the piece. Dr. Pou responds:

Asked if she murdered those patients, as the attorney general alleges, she says, “No, I did not murder those patients. Mr. Safer, I’ve spent my entire life taking care of patients. I have no history of doing anything other than good for my patients. I do the best of my ability. Why would I suddenly start murdering people? This doesn’t make sense.”

She also says she is just not capable of any sort of mercy killing.

I do not believe in euthanasia. I don’t think that it’s anyone’s decision to make when a patient dies,” Dr. Pou explains. “However, what I do believe in is comfort care. And that means that we ensure that they do not suffer pain.”

This blog has provided extensive coverage on the issue, and subsequently (thanks to Google) I have received many emails in support of Dr. Pou. Her official site can be found here.

Also, please visit the official site of the Memorial nurses, Cheri Landry and Lori Budo.