"Like showing an air crash film on a plane"

Regarding ABC’s bird-flu movie:

ABC will be showing a movie called’Fatal Contact – Bird Flu in America’. Isn’t this like showing the film’Jaws’ to a group of surfers, or’Titanic’ to passengers on a cruise ship, or’The Exorcist’ to a group of children just before they go to bed, or one of the many plane crash movies to passengers on an airplane?

The film shows total panic in the streets, piles of dead bodies being burned, whole city areas closed off, soldiers patrolling all over the place, barbed wire sectioning – total pandemonium.

The movie’s aim, apparently, is to get Americans more prepared for a possible flu pandemic. More likely it will make millions of people anxious and raise the possibility that total panic will break out no matter how harmful or mild a pandemic may be.