Two cases where a disabled resident (with ADD) and medical student (with dyslexia) are suing for special treatment
The first is the case of Heidi Baer, “who having failed the medical boards three times is now suing the National Board of Medical Examiners under the Americans with Disabilities Act for not giving her extra time on the exam to accommodate her dyslexia.”

The second is a case of a resident “seeking $2.5 million from Norwalk Hospital over alleged overwork and failure to accommodate his attention deficit disorder (ADD). The two sides dispute whether Smith was made to work beyond the 80-hour maximum that is supposed to be placed on residents’ workloads.”

Even if they win, I’m not sure what kind of message this sends. As one blogger puts it, real life in the medical world will not adapt to them:

Her actual problem, however, is far more serious. Doctors are among the most time-pressed professionals out there. (How long did your doctor spend on you last time you went to see her?) Emergencies are routine. Ms. Baer isn’t going to be able to slow everything down just because she’s a slow reader.

(via Overlawyered)