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Relax to the smooth harmonies of Gary Corzine's singing anesthetists, the Laryngospasms.

Emergency physician and smooth rhymin' rapper Christopher Hahn with a fantastic rap about right heart strain.

What should medical students know about treating patients? The Stanford University School of Medicine shows you.

Well said, Zubin.

With the nursing shortage, you'd think it would be easier to get a license. Soon to be nurse Stephanie Olmanni sings about her plight to Adele's "Hello."

Thinking about going to medical school?  Watch this video first.  Eric Strong shares what he wish he knew before applying to medical school.  Wise advice, and a must-view for all pre-meds.

ZDoggMD has company.  Another physician rapper is in our midst: emergency medicine resident Christopher Hahn, over at the EMC.   Here's one about diagnosing cardiac tamponade by ultrasound.   I heart the rhymes!

If only being in the OR can be as smooth as the singing from Gary Corzine's group, the Laryngospasms.

Do you truly understand advance directives?  With the help of Green Day, emergency physician Michael Barton seeks to educate with this fantastic video.

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