True confessions of an emergency physician. In this case, the UK's Michael Mosley, host of BBC's Trust Me, I'm a Doctor.   Part of the Guardian's video series, Confessions from A&E.

In honor of Black History Month, the folks at Diverse Medicine created a new documentary series, Black Men in White Coats.  In this installment, we meet Dr. Curtiss Moore, a cardiology fellow at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Thank you for another great year!  I sincerely appreciate your continuing readership. Here are the 10 most-read posts of 2015.  Enjoy. Watch 2 magicians destroy the anti-vaccine movement in 90 seconds.  Measles in Disneyland should be a wake-up call for the anti-vaccine movement.  Will it? Magicians Penn and Teller do their part and show us why anti-vaccination is nonsense. (Warning: explicit language.) An R&B anthem on hospital readmissions. It captures what’s wrong so perfectly. ZDoggMD ...


An infectious classic for the holiday season!  Yuletide greetings from ZDoggMD and his adorable kids.

Dr. Robert Hamilton of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics shows you how to calm a crying baby.  This video has garnered millions of views in days.  See why.

ZDoggMD's latest! Feel free to share what would make your day, "a good call day."

Relax to the smooth harmonies of Gary Corzine's singing anesthetists, the Laryngospasms.

Emergency physician and smooth rhymin' rapper Christopher Hahn with a fantastic rap about right heart strain.

What should medical students know about treating patients? The Stanford University School of Medicine shows you.

Well said, Zubin.

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