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Paras Mehta, a medical student at University of Michigan, has edited the first issue of AMSA's alternative-medical thereapy newsletter. The decline of American medical education continues.

More on AMSA's continuing brainwashing of medical students.

Report bad TV/movie CPR

Email this physician for examples of poor CPR technique you see in the media.

A frequently unpublicized, but significant, number to understand when interpreting studies:

Generally, you will see fewer heart attacks in the statin group (about 30% fewer in one real-world trial). Reducing the risk by a third sounds like a lot, which is one reason many hundreds of thousands of men with no sign of heart disease take statins. But that number is meaningless unless you take into account the percentage ...


Virtual autopsies

Using CT and MRI scanning to find the cause of death. I wonder who would pay for this.

Good to see the elderly finding a way to exercise.

The Independent Urologist, in a solo practice, puts the work into the proper perspective. Due to doctors' often poor business skills, they often don't think this way:

5 UA's per day = 1.5 hours of your receptionist = 3 months of website hosting
1 new patient = 15 hours for you employee = 2 ½ months of internet access
1 follow-up patient = monthly cell phone bill = ...


ScienceRoll looks at two potential candidates this year.

A urologist gives us the real answer.

Google Apps and medicine

Clinical Cases and Images looks at the potential impact on medical practices.

The hospital is caught in an unfortunate vicious cycle where it cannot attract insured patients.

Why Xanax sucks

This is my least favorite benzodiazepine to use. Shrink Rap explains the reasons why.

She had a BMI of over 137. (via a reader tip)


A lawyer comments: "Our experience is that an Erbs palsy case is kind of hard to lose. Most are settled, and the few that are not, generally have a good defense."

Decisions like these could bankrupt the home, furthering the shortage of nursing home beds. Patients lose.

WSJ on micropractices

Gordon Moore, the father of the micropractice, is chronicled here. SoloDoc is mentioned as well:

Dr. Moore estimates that his overhead costs make up 35% of his revenue. That compares with a figure of about 60% for other small primary-care group practices, according to Medical Group Management Association, an Englewood, Colo.-based professional association for doctors' practices.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Moore asked patients to rate the ...


The Boston Globe on Levy's Running a hospital blog. When asked, a competing hospital group replied this way:

Partners executives declined to comment. "What's a blog?" said chief operating officer Thomas Glynn when asked about Levy's blog.

Spokeswoman Petra Langer said that overall, people at Partners are not a blogging group. "They're too busy," she wrote in an e-mail.

Still, Glynn said, printouts of certain ...


Dr. RW is frustrated with the primary-care focus of the ACP.

Life of a drug rep

More from Dr. Rost. Funny stuff.

As he so eloquently observes:

But look at the Exubra inhaler! It is BIG. A foot long, when unfolded, which makes it feel like a baseball bat. Think your girlfriend would like to haul that out of her handbag while seated in a restaurant? Common sense, folks. Common sense. NO ONE would be caught dead with this foot long pocket rocket in their pocket. Or handbag.

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