Specialists continue to refuse ER call. Some hospitals are stepping up to the plate to keep these physicians on board:

Today, many doctors rely far less on hospitals, conducting much of their care in out-patient settings. As a result, they are less inclined to shift their schedules, work weekends and disrupt their private patient care routines to rush to hospitals to tend to patients, most of whom, doctors ...


Being advocates for your own health is one thing, but some patients go overboard:

This is not to say that patients shouldn't be advocates for their own health, of course they should. They should ask questions, and read all about their diseases, and get second opinions (or third and fourth opinions if they're not satisfied). But anyone who thinks that pulling rank is going to improve care should conduct the ...


Did his doctor scare him to resort to such desperate measures?

His doctor . . . warned him, "any more drinking, and we might as well forget about treating you."

He'll lose every time, since blogs are protected free speech. In addition, HIPAA prevents him from fighting back.

One reason is that it is harder to switch doctors in Canada, making review sites like these more important.

Surviving night float

Some practical tips from the UK. I particularly like the suggestion of having a Red Bull handy before morning report.

A reader reacts to AMSA's naive support of a single-payer system:

Like most activists, the medical students' good intentions drip off the page in the article, "These future doctors want to fix health care". However, they speak in flowery terms to describe a Marxist medical system. The reason hospitals are underfunded is because of mandated free medical care to everyone who comes to an emergency room "“ including illegal aliens. ...


Movies and Big Pharma

They have the same blockbuster mentality:

The drug industry's equivalent to "getting people to the theatre" is getting people to the doctor. The industry clearly positions this as the main goal of DTC advertising and says it is a major benefit to consumers who otherwise might not seek medical attention. They fail to mention that if the consumer does not go to the doctor, the drug company does not ...


Competition to get into private schools is so intense in London, mothers are advised to get C-sections to secure spots:

At Wetherby, the boys school near Hyde Park, head teacher Jenny Aviss advises women scheduling Caesarean sections to have them early in the month in order to secure one of five places that the school allots to newborns each month. "If you have the option, don't wait until the ...


Attendings pick up the patient care slack when house staff goes home, resulting in less teaching.

Granny phobia

A man's fear of grandmothers has left him housebound.

Many other organizations are lining up for their money.

This study was done in 1954 and repeated in 2005 with similar results.

Some suggest so:

Consider this: Every country that has adopted universal health care has a "back door" for those who can afford to use it - it may be, like Canada, travel to a place where they can get healthcare that is tailored to their particular illness or, like England, it may be a private healthcare policy that allows them to see a doctor of their choice when they ...


About $14 to $25 an hour, more for pelvic exams.

Toilet cleaning 101

Colleges in Malaysia are offering courses in keeping toilets clean. As they say over there, "Clean toilets cannot merely be judged by the eyes."

"Any ologist will do"

Newspaper media sets the bar low when quote searching for a medical story.

A physician overhears some perceptions on medical malpractice while in the sauna.

Off topic, if Dr. iBear is listening, I can't view your blog on Mozilla - the browser of choice for many.

Says a family physician: "The first time a guy walks into a retail clinic for chest discomfort and is given antibiotics for a URI, then drops dead from an MI, the whole concept will come crashing to the ground."

Panda Bear, MD gives some practical advice on medical student clinical rotations. (via GruntDoc)

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