A wife is accused of killing her husband with the paralytic rocuronium. GruntDoc comments.

From blog to print

Some bloggers are making into print. Dr. Crippen wonders if they are "sanitizing" their prior blog posts:

What are bloggers up to?

"Tell it all" until the book deal appears and then sanitise it retrospectively? With Tom Reynolds what you see is what you get. He did not "“ to my knowledge "“ retrospectively re-edit Random Acts after his book appeared.

Laceration repair

Scalpel shares some of his laceration-repairing techniques.

Interesting observation by Street Anatomy.

It's less than $80,000:

Reed said the biggest burden of the business of being a doctor falls on single practitioners. He said the median income nationally for an internist is $160,000, but the sole practitioner is making less than half that because of business costs.

The Well-Timed Period takes exception with a recent NY Times op-ed on the subject.

Think tanks come up with their ideas.

The NHS is considering a program to entice drug addicts to stay clean.

There are some strange recertification shenanigans going on. Dr. RW and retired doc speculate.

Those with eating disorders:

"Because it's been approved by the FDA, people think it's safe. But if patients are already at a healthy weight and are using Alli as part of their eating disorder, then it is not safe. It can make an eating disorder even worse because it magnifies symptoms these patients already have."

A bariatric surgeon takes on malpractice on his own terms:

"To be perfectly blunt, I don't believe that it's my responsibility to make my patients rich if there should be an adverse occurrence," Fallang said. "My responsibility is to take the best medical care of them that I know how."

"No one can do surgery with zero complications, it's just not physically possible," he said. "Medical malpractice lawsuits, 95 ...


Cutbacks in Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement fees are amongst the reasons why two much-needed hospitals in DC may close.

Hospital overcrowding leads this man to spend 4 days in the shower room:

A B.C. man suffering from a serious back injury says he spent four days in a damp, dirty shower stall because of overcrowding at Kelowna General Hospital.

On Tuesday, 39-year-old Travis Lowe was rushed by ambulance to hospital with "brutal" back pain. After waiting in the emergency ward for several hours, he was given a bed, but ...


Foreign doctors coming to the US are leaving their own countries in a difficult situation.

Rural areas are being hit hard and staffed by in large part staffed by foreign-trained doctors:

"The consensus seems to be that if you have a first name like Mohammed, you can forget it," Dr. Sanjay Chaube, a much-needed internist in Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Bay St. Louis, Miss., and one of more than 40,000 Indian doctors in the U.S.
David Catron has other thoughts.

Gilette Stadium. TD Banknorth Garden. Lincoln Financial Field. The Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield College of Public Health.

Is corporate sponsorship of hospitals and medical schools next?

#1 Dinosaur with what he thinks about the Google's health initiatives:

When searching for an all-night pharmacy for a patient brings up a sidebar full of ads to buy Vicodin, Viagra and all sorts of other substances WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION [emphasis theirs, of course] who the hell does Google think they're fooling? You can also locate an acupuncturist, a chiropractor and a Reiki practitioner near you 24/7. You could ...


Using an EMR

Dr. Rob with a typical day. Although difficult to implement, once an EMR is running smoothly, it becomes indispensable.


Bathroom breaks during surgery? Operating with a cold? Thirsty mid-procedure? Sid Schwab tells us what it's like.

Fellow surgeon-blogger Orac comments.

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