The best job in the world?

Dr. Wes is an electrophysiologist, and he's pretty happy doing what he's doing.

Medblogger on 20/20

Congrats to Steven Palter from Docinthemachine. (via Emergiblog)

Abortion by massage


The petite 44-year old, who declined to give her last name, paid 150 pesos ($3) for a hilot, or traditional midwife like Minda, to crush her three-month old fetus using rough strokes and pincer-like grips on her belly.

The procedure, which can also involve pounding the lower abdomen to trigger a miscarriage, is called a massage.
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Hundreds of Pfizer computers have been hijacked. (via Health Care Renewal)

With an ER practical joke, of course.

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Gross anatomy

Surgeon Sid Schwab with his take:

The sequence seems wrong: if such dissection is to be done, it ought to be by those more knowledgable and honed. Absent context, it can become clutter. Cardiologists need to have the experience of holding a heart in their hands (and to see one beating in the operating room); how much more meaningful to do it later in the process. As students, it's ...


Physicians do the groundwork for P4P, but the insurers take the glory. Typical.

The high price of office rent in LA:

"Almost every major medical building that I know of is full -- with waiting lists," said Robert Held, who develops medical properties. "The market is as hot as it can be."

Doctors who don't accept insurance have the option of raising their fees to make up the difference when rents go up, Aizuss said. But the majority of doctors who rely ...


Brain images via EEG

Images of brainwave activity, expressed as fractal images.

He was done in by poor spelling and grammar:

A bogus doctor who escaped a speeding fine by claiming he was on an emergency call was rumbled only after writing a badly spelt letter in an attempt to claim expenses for attending court.

Omid Chiang equipped his car with a flashing green light, a defibrillator and a "doctor-on-call" sign so he could break the speed limit at will ...


The family hired a "Super Lawyer". Does he come with a cape?

Two patients went to the US for treatment of their brain tumors:

Lindsay McCreith, 66, of Newmarket and Shona Holmes, 43, of Waterdown filed a joint statement of claim yesterday against the province of Ontario. Both say their health suffered because they are denied the right to access care outside of Ontario's "government-run monopolistic" health-care system. They want to be able to buy private health insurance.

Ontario's ...


Sometimes, you can only do so much.

It's putting patients' lives at risk: "We're sounding like we're in a developing country and not in a province that has the resources that we have." (via Hogberg)

More AMSA hypocrisy

Dr. RW continues the attack, calling American Medical Student Association seriously misguided and hypocritical with their so-called support of evidence-based medicine:

They'll shun drug company support because they "don't want to be bought", demonstrate in front of a drug company's headquarters by dumping thousands of advertising pens there, yet accept support from the American Holistic Medicine Association which promotes stuff like this.
From their blind love of single-payer ...


Cancer pain

Pallimed with thoughts on when cancer pain is not cancer pain.

The insurance companies play Shoots and Ladders with physician reimbursement:

They accomplish this by employing byzantine rules, by strictly enforcing unintelligible requirements that shift like the sands, by establishing arcane appeals processes, and, when all else fails, by generating a series of black holes into which claims mysteriously disappear, so that (if the doctor still insists on being paid) the claims process must be initiated all over again. Call it ...


Popcorn lung

The WSJ Health Blog with a Q&A on the association with popcorn and bronchiolitis obliterans. They also properly attribute the find to a blogger.

The difficulties of matching up physicians' names with their signatures.

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