A family member wonders after a tragic outcome.

NHS Blog Doctor dominates. Congratulations to the other winners as well.

As long as the adversarial system persists, patients will continue to lose:

"The problem with the adversarial system today is that a patient might deserve compensation but he can't get it unless he proves that his doctor screwed up. His gain is the doctor's loss, which is part of the theory of corrective justice. Well, that theory might work okay for certain business torts, but we think it doesn't ...


Although physicians win the majority of verdicts, countless more are settled before trial. A physician suggests no-fault, worker's comp-style malpractice:

More than any other issue, malpractice is responsible for physician dissatisfaction. We need to eliminate the corrupt practices that are allowed in many state malpractice systems. Practices such as medical expert testimonies that come at a high price and reinforce the "hired gun" theory, and attorneys' ability to increase ...


Entitled, "The Politics of Tits: A Psycho History of Breast Medicine", the talk is putting off some GYNs. He's been told to suck it up:

"Poor fellow," she said of the complainer. "I'm just so sorry there are people who take issue with things like this."

"We don't censor our speakers. We have something called free speech and the First Amendment in this country. Vulgar is in ...


Medical ethicist Maurice Bernstein answers.

Not all vitamins met quality standards. One brand was even contaminated with lead.

Derek Lowe speculates on Pfizer's upcoming announcement next week.

Canada already has caps. Now the NHS is thinking about it. No comments about government-payer systems from me.

Ironically, the excess this year may lead to a shortage next year:

Public health officials say that a delay in production, problems in the distribution system and good old fashioned psychology are to blame for the excess vaccines. And if the problems persist, it could mean a shortage of vaccines next winter.

Best. Scrubs. Ever.

"Everything Comes Down to Poo". Hilarious.

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This guy underwent a disciplined Wii workout for 6 weeks.

A neuropathologist thinks so:

The neuropathologist, Dr. Bennet Omalu of the University of Pittsburgh, a leading expert in forensic pathology, determined that Mr. Waters's brain tissue had degenerated into that of an 85-year-old man with similar characteristics as those of early-stage Alzheimer's victims. Dr. Omalu said he believed that the damage was either caused or drastically expedited by successive concussions Mr. Waters, 44, had sustained playing football.

In ...


An ER physician offers patients in a crowded ER $10 if they went home.

Results released from the recent BMJ survey. I put forth antibiotics and vaccines. The winner: sanitation.

A case of retinoblastoma found in a one-year old's birthday picture:

When Jasmin Nethercoat had her photograph taken on her first birthday, little did her parents realise the picture would save her sight.

Her mother Vicki had the photograph developed - only to notice a strange spot reflected in her daughter's left eye.

After seeing an optician, a GP and a specialist, the family was sent to ...


"The MRI cookie jar"

Chicago-area doctors and MRI centers got caught bilking the system. (via Dr. Wes)

Health Care Renewal:
"Sorry, but to me, this one smells bad from the get go.

The kicker here is the populations of patients for whom ICDs might be indicated. The notion that there are patients who ought to have ICDs implanted, but are walking around, without any symptoms, in blissful ignorance of this fact does not make a lot of sense to me."

The Blog That ...


Robert Centor suggests, by time:

I believe that lawyers have the right system. You pay for time. I have written often that physicians only have time to sell.

Clinical Cases points out a video where arm wrestling leads to an arm fracture:

The BMJ with the medicine behind the break:

This type of arm wrestling injury tends to occur when one arm wrestler tries to force the match in an effort to win or to change the tide of the contest. As the offensive wrestler ...


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