Google Health stalled?

Adam Bosworth, the leader of the project, resigns.

The big story from the NFL's first weekend, and the news took a turn for the better yesterday. Did prompt therapeutic hypothermia play a role?

The concept is simple: Neurons have a voracious appetite for oxygen, and when deprived of it, very quickly begin to undergo cell death. So, the theory goes, by dropping the body temperature very rapidly as quickly as possible after an anoxic insult to ...


Examining the ears

Following up his detailed look at the eye exam, Dr. Rob next looks at the ears.

Nissen pumps up Actos

Steven Nissen, who has received research support from Takeda, authors a positive Actos study in JAMA.

Long lists of "allergies" can sometimes interfere with treatment:

The problem with "allergies that aren't allergies" is that sometimes the "allergies" can prevent you from giving a medication that the patient really needs. What do you do with a patient who has allergies to multiple antibiotics and who comes in with septic shock? If you give the patient something they are "allergic to" and there is a bad outcome, ...


More controversy on the BRCA genetic test:

"I'm really concerned about the message because it will excite fear and anxiety," says Shelly Cummings, senior genetic counselor in the Cancer Risk Clinic at the University of Chicago. "Although it will start conversation with a genetic counselor, I'm afraid of the psychological effect this TV campaign will have."

Dr. Stephanie Hines of Mayo's Multidisciplinary Breast Clinic and Breast Cancer Program ...


Genetic tests for cancer

Companies that profit from the overzealous use of unnecessary screening tests:

Critics say that advertising such a complex screening test to the general population might create unnecessary anxiety among women and lead to overuse of the test, which costs $3,120.

"It really preys on the fears of our society, and one of those fears is getting breast cancer," said Ellen T. Matloff, director of cancer genetic counseling at ...


Why is everybody so angry?

One one corner, The Angry Pharmacist vs The Angriest Pharmacist.

Now, is Angry Doctor getting ready to face off with The Angry Doctor?

Brand name antibiotics

With few exceptions, generic antibiotics are appropriate for most cases. Some doctors are not getting that message.

Convergence insufficiency

A difficult diagnosis that can be mistaken for autism.

iPods and pacemakers

Dr. Wes looks closer at the association.

Finance Physician looks at the pros and cons of the military paying for medical education.

An interesting comment by a colleague on the cardiologist accused of hitting a patient during a cathetherization:

Having been called to the cath lab on several occasions to intubate his patients I can say that this report does not surprise me and is completely consistent with past behavior (though he never struck anyone in my presence). I'm quite sure he refrained from striking me only because of my size and ...


Alcohol on the medication list:

The last time I had seen "beer" on someone's medication list was during my third year of medical school. The patient was scheduled to receive one can of beer with each meal. The patient, a upper class fellow whose wife had curtly reported, "He drinks two highballs before dinner each night and a glass or two of wine with dinner"”he's not an alcoholic!", underwent some ...


Richard Reece lists the reasons why.

Medicaid and child abuse

Medicaid refuses to pay for gynecomastia surgery in a 13-year old boy. Is that akin the child abuse?

Is there an international pain crisis?

Controlled chaos in the ER

What can happen at any given time in the ER.

Sid Schwab on Ken Griffey Jr.'s bout with diverticulitis:

I should add this: surgery for diverticular disease is gratifying. It's rare to have further problems after having the diseased area removed, and the comparatively small section that's typical taken out leads to no side effects at all. So it's a pretty happy group of patients. It is that for which we surgeons shoot.

A stumbling block to universal coverage.

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