She was going to sue over hurt feelings:

An intoxicated patient filed a complaint with the city after a Denver Health Medical Center doctor issued discharge instructions telling her to not "get drunk and fall, causing harm to your head or body."

Patient Karin Howe, of Littleton, a certified nurse aide, accused Dr. Yadavinder Sooch of issuing "outrageous discharge instructions" and said the hospital provided "substandard treatment," according to ...


The NEJM comes under fire for publicizing the Avandia meta-analysis:

Dr Steven Haffner (University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio), who was involved in the ADOPT study of rosiglitazone, said the paper needed to be published, but it should have undergone a more extensive review, and there should have been a different editorial with more emphasis on the flaws of the study. "The NEJM was irresponsible to go to ...


Designer vaginas

The BMJ with a negative editorial, saying there is very little data about long-term risks.

Who wins the salary competition and why:

. . . society perceived that the pricing mechanism for doctors' services was broken. That is, if the free market set the price, many citizens would not be able to afford to pay. And society believes implicitly that health care should be widely available to citizens. (That doesn't mean everybody. 40 million Americans are not covered by health insurance but many of ...


Doctors with any business sense know that giving injections at a loss is not sustainable:

Like many Americans who rely on medications that are injected or infused, Leonida Mattioli, an 81-year-old New York-area anemia patient on Medicare, used to get his injections from his doctor. But this year, he has had to get them at a hospital because his doctor can no longer afford to supply the drugs. Mr. ...


Clinical Cases analyzes the traffic after the Avandia meta-analysis annoucement.

Doctor Hebert with a terse hiatus message. (via Dr. RW)

Can it be a myth?

Drug song

Warning: Explicit lyrics at the end.

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An ode to jaundice. Favorite line:

"You're yellow like the desert in Damascus is,
You're yellow 'cause your liver has metastasis."

Warning: Explicit lyrics.

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(via PharmaGossip)

Is it borderline? Is it narcissistic? Do these psychiatrists have too much time on their hands?

TBTAM begs to differ with Dinosaur:

So bad is my John Hancock that my daughter's teacher did not believe it was real, and accused the poor kid of forging my signature on her report card. I had to send in a note to explain that I am a doctor who signs her name hundreds of times a day, and that indeed, this was what my signature had become. ...


A dermatologist with a set of videos demonstrating common skin procedures.

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Meet the man who stayed awake for 11 days.

The Avandia-crusader has some enemies:

We had an endocrinologist in our office a few days ago . . . and his comment was that Dr. Nissen is "the Michael Moore of the medical industry." Strong words. Mr. Moore is a crusader against the big and rich for the protection of the little guy (in his opinion). The problem is (in my opinion) that Mr. Moore does not ...


Paul Levy comments on Atul Gawande's column on nursing homes.

A study suggests skipping the CT scan altogether in clear-cut cases:

Pre-operative CT is not necessary in cases with straightforward signs and symptoms of appendicitis, the investigator advised. "If, after a thorough physical examination, the diagnosis is still in question, then patients should be scanned." These patients tend to be older, female and have symptoms that are not typical for acute appendicitis.

An editorial from the AAFP suggests that the US statin guidelines are too stringent and not cost-efficient when compared to other countries:

Although the American guideline saved a few more lives than the New Zealand guideline, it did so at great cost. If the least expensive statins cost $200 per year, the drug costs associated with the American guideline would be $198,000 to prevent one death, compared with $108,000 for ...


One reason why physicians continue to suffer political loss after loss.

Harvard Pilgrim CEO Charlie Baker is open to suggestions.

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