What do you do when you come across "expert" witness testimony that is so bogus that it makes you sick? Publicize it.

Ipod-related ailments: auditory and orthopedic.

Maria turns off the warmth. She has some good reasons for doing so.

I need an explanation.

She says, "Keep your eye on Oculir."

Don't let your kids drink and toddle.

Finally, a news story with the courage to speak out about a totally unknown health crisis in America:

"Erectile Dysfuncion is Common, Treatable"

"Commonly referred to as ED [Ed? Couldn't they have picked a more obscure name, like Vercingetorix?], erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and sustain an erection."

"Because ED is a functional disorder and not a cosmetic condition [Har! Tell that to the ...


Oh, darn. Now you need a prescription to get your drugs in China.

A new treatment for alcoholism: Vivitrex/Vivitrol.

The F.D.A. has given approval for the oral medication letrozole to be used as an adjuvant hormone treatment for post-menopausal women with early-stage breast cancer.

Now both letrozole and its competitor anastrozole have been shown to improve relapse-free survival compared with the old standard of care, tamoxifen.

What's the downside, one might ask? In addition to increasing the risk of osteoporosis, these two newer drugs have another ...


It's all false: "The South Korean scientist who became a national hero over supposedly pioneering stem cell research fabricated all his data, experts decided today."

From the Oswego County Business, The Malpractice Mess: A Consumer's Opinion (emphasis mine):

I submit, and I hear the howls of disagreement already, that physicians are allowed too much leeway in treatment options. I submit that the establishment of detailed protocols for treatment"”very detailed protocols"”would eliminate a lot of lawsuits. If, for example, the protocols required a brain scan of any middle aged man suddenly presenting with ...


Also posted on KidneyNotes.

From The New York Times:

A former nurse who pleaded guilty to killing 29 patients at hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania has received permission to donate a kidney to an acquaintance in New York, as long as he first appears at his own sentencing.
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Good for them

From today's Wall Street Journal, Surgery Journal Threatens Ban for Authors' Hidden Conflicts (subscription required, emphases mine):

With conflicts of interest increasingly casting doubt on the credibility of medical research, a leading surgery journal is cracking down on authors who fail to disclose links to industry, threatening to temporarily blacklist them.

The surgical society that owns the journal approved the penalties for "future violations" after learning that researchers ...


Do you have boarders in your hospital?

Adding up the numbers of malpractice, with a twist.

Ethics blogging.

Dr. Maurice Bernstein's series on Human Dignity: Parts I, II, III, and IV.

And blog.bioethics.net analyzes the stem cell research scandal.

A woman accuses Letterman of using coded words and gestures to harass her.

Think that Medicine was easier in the 1970's? Think again.

An alternative to glasses, contacts or Lasik.

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