The University of Michigan's medical school endorses a student blog. (via AMNews)

It's about time. A website that rates mainstream medical news reporting: is an attempt to help improve the accuracy, balance and completeness of news stories that make claims about new ideas in health care. It is not intended to belittle the hard work of well-intentioned journalists.

How a delivery room experience inspired an obese OB/GYN to start running marathons.

A chemotherapy patient is continually targeted for his pain medication.

Prior authorization for MRIs and CTs are becoming common:

Whenever he wants to order an MRI, CAT scan, PET Scan or Nuclear Cardiology test, he has to consult with the insurer first. In some cases it'Â’s a matter of informing the plan, in others he has to get approval.
Simply asking the pre-certifying radiologist, "Are you willing to accept liability for your refusal of the CT/MRI request?", will get the test ...


Alternative medicine: "The placebo effect is a very big component to all this."

The future of primary care? Dr. Crippen takes aim at mid-level providers:

Medical judgment is acquired gradually over a long period of time. A bedrock of two to three years scientific training, supplemented by three years clinical experience, followed by many more years of medical apprenticeship before you become an independent doctor working as a GP or consultant.

This process of acquiring medical judgment is also known as ...


How physicians can use Google Calendar.

Twenty-eight percent of medical schools require students to have PDAs.

Tragic in China:

A hospital is facing a huge compensation claim after a baby's life support system was switched off because doctors said he was terminally ill, only for the infant to survive and lose his vision as a result.

The tourist died from Epcot's Mission Space ride had a hypertensive brain hemorrhage. Going on a ride that spins you 2 G's probably isn't the best thing for someone with long-standing hypertension.

Should patients be able to consent verbally to an HIV test? I say yes.

The story of the ophthalmologist who found the fungus related to Bausch & Lomb ReNu solution:

"I took a culture. But the culture takes a long time to grow," he said. "So I was treating it as a fungus on a hunch. But even with that, they were not getting better. They came to me already very debilitated."

A physician could lose his license for treating serum-negative Lyme disease:

Today, Jemsek is known for treating patients he believes suffer from chronic Lyme disease, a form of the illness the medical establishment doesn't believe exists. But many of his patients test negative when given the standard blood test for Lyme disease.

The dispute could cost Jemsek his license to practice. In December, the North Carolina Medical Board charged ...


The attacks on Fosamax are beginning to mount. I personally think the fears are grossly unfounded. The risk of osteonecrosis is almost theoretically small. Although Fosamax has not been proven to improve mortality, there is strong data showing that it reduces fractures in those with osteoporosis.

Medicines like ibuprofen kill many more people with GI bleeding - but since Fosamax is made by Merck, it's ...


A quarter of men skip post-vasectomy checks. Not smart, since the procedure has a failure rate that can reach 1 percent.

California Medicine Man wonders about the pain scale:

Note that at level two, Mr Smiley Face still has an insipid grin. I have a fairly high pain tolerance but is it just me or shouldn't zero out of ten be the only level of pain worth smiling over?

Stories of patients hurt by the liability crisis:

More and more Americans aren't getting the care they need when they need it because our legal system has turned into a lawsuit lottery where a few win and the rest of us lose. The "disappearing doctor" phenomenon is getting progressively and rapidly worse. It is an increasingly serious threat to everyone's ability to get the care they need.

These are ...


BMJ agrees with JAMA - fetuses don't feel pain:

Foetuses cannot feel pain because it requires mental development that only occurs outside the womb, says a report in the British Medical Journal.

Some husbands are undergoing plastic surgery, as the newest way to bond with their wives.

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