An anesthesiologist is finally school-debt free at age 41.

Living together: Men get healthier, women get fatter.

Update on the drug trial horror. Apparently, no mistakes were found. Scary.

hospital impact looks at some of the reaction to Massachusetts' universal health coverage plan.

"Under New Jersey law, the jury will return to the Atlantic County courthouse this morning for the penalty phase of the trial. After hearing additional testimony, the panel will be asked to set the amount of punitive damages, which are capped by law at five times the compensatory damages awarded to McDarby and his wife.

That means Merck could be liable for up to $22.5 million."


A mixed verdict for Merck:

A state jury found Merck & Co. liable on Wednesday for one of two former Vioxx users' heart attacks and ordered he receive $4.5 million in damages in a closely-watched trial involving two New Jersey men.

The jury found the company failed to adequately warn both plaintiffs about the risk factors linking the now-withdrawn painkiller to heart attacks and strokes, but said the drug ...


Ever wonder how doctors get paid? Dr. Bob takes a look. And it takes two parts. Despite the complexity, coding a 99214 isn't that hard.

Laughter, ties, pus, and Dr. Charles.

A frequent patient becomes a nurse at the same hospital.

More than a year to recruit, about half a year to quit:

It took London recruiters more than a year to convince Dr. Shailendra Ziradkar to move from Newfoundland and set up shop in September.

But it took the doctor only about half a year to realize family practice here wasn't for him.

A physician missed a pregnancy, in a comatose women at a nursing home.

Some insurers are seeing the light. Cigna and Aetna are going to start reimbursing selected online visits.

Mumps and measles are in the news. The moral to the story? Get immunized.

Innovation in Massachusetts. Universal health care without a single-payer system.

Updates from around the blogosphere -

Mathew Holt:
"Either the insurers will not be regulated, and the market will implode with under-insured replacing the uninsured, and consumers and providers will be equally grumpy as it'll all have been a head-fake. Or the insurers will be properly regulated in time, and the approach I suggest will be ...


Only rotating out-of-state doctors perform abortions in South Dakota:

Not a single doctor in South Dakota will perform an abortion, which is why Dr. Miriam McCreary has come out of retirement.

Once or twice a month, the 70-year-old grandmother takes a 45-minute flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to perform abortions at the last clinic in the state willing to offer the procedure.

An HIV-positive patient lives longer than expected, causing her insurance company to lose money.

Meet the world's heaviest ecstasy user:

The 37-year-old patient, known as Mr A, took an estimated 40,000 tablets over the course of nine years, 20 times the previous reported record lifetime usage of 2,000 tablets, according to researchers at the University of London. For the last four years he was taking 25 tablets a day.

Tragic: One of the victims in the Boston scaffolding accident was a physician at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Some are using medical blogs as disease support groups:

There are also some scientific and medical blogs that she frequents to find out more about the latest therapies. Many are run by doctors and scientists. "I have spoken to some scientists abroad on the success rates of the new therapies," she says.

Like Ms. Sumithra, there are several others who are now turning to blogs for information ...


Matthew Holt tells doctors to quit their whining and deal with it.