Perfect teamwork between the surgeon and scrub nurse is like making beautiful music together.

Previously hypothesized to be due to the withdrawal of HRT. Can it be because of declining mammogram screening rates instead?

"First one's free, then you pay, then you're hooked."

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We have undeniable health care problems here in the United States. However, uprooting the system, causing significant upheaval and changing to a single-payer model is clearly not the answer. It's simply switching one set of problems for another set that may be even worse. David Hogberg enlightens us:

While Sweden is a first world country, its health care system - at least in regards to access ...


Some disturbing talk in the blogosphere about a case in Chicago of a Muslim physician delaying treatment to a Jewish patient. Some dangerous racist overtones at play here.

Too often, physicians prescribe drugs first:

A survey of 200 general practitioners found 80 per cent would recommend weight-loss drugs such as Xenical, however only 26 per cent would refer overweight or obese patients to a dietician.

A story of the slow decline into polypharmacy of a 17-year old autistic.

His excuse of serving a non-compliant, low-income population didn't cut it.

Although it works, "the authors do not advise implanting ICD prophylactically for lightning strikes."

David Catron writes on Michael Moore's upcoming love letter to single-payer health care.

Something to think about when you visit the chiropractor.

An intolerant physician writes to CEO Paul Levy regarding a BI-Deaconess event to support gay rights:

We are again disappointed and frankly disgusted to see the leader of the medical center endorsing an inherently unhealthy, risky lifestyle. We remind you that this is offensive to members of the BIDMC who hold to moral principles and traditional values. But more to the point for a healthcare institution, is the fact ...


Can Magic Johnson's longevity with HIV undermine is work in HIV/AIDS prevention? The so-called "Magic paradox":

Call it the Magic Paradox. Fifteen years ago, L.A. Laker legend Magic Johnson announced he had AIDS and would retire from basketball. Today, Johnson, 47, looks so healthy some may question whether AIDS is the menace it was made out to be.

That's one of the myths Johnson says he ...


Plastic surgeon Tony Youn speculates on their latest cosmetic procedures: Botox and hair transplants respectively.

As reported by Charity Doc. Funny stuff.

A journalist chronicles what may be his last days in a hospital isolation room.

Some reactions to yesterday's dark day.

Stranger than you can imagine:
"I have been thinking about medical blogs since Flea deleted his. Fat Doctor has deleted hers too, and unfortunately I don't think we will see their blogs reappear. I think the risks are too high. I think that all of the medical bloggers are going to disappear or go private in a month or less. I ...


Panda Bear offers some sage advice:

The first thing you need to do is to cool your jets. Medicine is a good career but it's just a job. I'm sure you will meet some zealots who seemingly breathe, eat, and live medicine but for the most part, by the time you get into residency you will find that most of your colleagues want pretty much what other working people want, ...


MDNG with another article highlighting the importance of your Google reputation. Also discussed here last month.

Part 2 of a fascinating series by surgeon Sid Schawb. Probably the closest many will come to actually performing an operation.

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