Stanley Feld takes Nissen to task:

Dr. Steven Nissen's recent paper promotes the distrust of the medical profession and its regulators. The medical profession did not have a chance to evaluate this evidence before it was prejudged in the media. Dr. Nissen has been on network and public television and radio multiple times. Sensationalism in clinical research only serves to decrease the confidence of the public for the value ...


This guy is pretty inspirational and reminds us of the things we take for granted.

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The Eyes Have It

Graham on expressing emotions through a surgical mask.

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Johnson & Johnson is fighting back with their own blog. Pharmalot and HealthcareVox with coverage.

Reimbursing time


Technologically advanced and costly treatments save lives, but their allocation needs to be made sensibly and not to the detriment of old-fashioned talking and listening between doctor and patient.

Patients want and deserve this time-intensive care, and although it can often be ultimately cost-saving, it will not be the norm until the financial incentives reverse themselves.
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What is this?

Find out here.

Anecdotal health care horror stories seem to sell the public. symtym with a couple more from the UK.

Sleep MD

The Angry Doctor takes this supplement apart.


Urologist keagirl comments on an article on small penis syndrome.

Pretty innovative. (via WSJ Health Blog)

The controversy of obtaining stem-cells from dead embryos:

His solution -- which involved extracting stem cells from dead embryos rather than live ones -- turned out to be persuasive, and it has led to a new avenue of research. . .

. . . Dr. Landry's answer has drawn fire from other scientists. Harold Varmus, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1989 and is president of ...


Can the federally-funded hospital avoid being shut down?

Workers at an inner-city hospital where a woman died last month on the floor of an emergency room have received training on their responsibilities, officials said.

Signs have also been posted at Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital advising patients of their rights to get examined and treated for emergency medical conditions, according to a report released Friday by the county health ...


Reviews of Sicko are coming in. As I have repeatedly stated, there are problems with our healthcare system. Some of them inexcusable. However, the single-payer solution that Moore proposes simply would exchange what we have for a whole new set of problems that may be even worse. Remember the grass always seems greener on the other side.

Note that Moore's most vicious attacks are against ...


Peter Rost and others are leading the charge, and Big Pharma is being forced to take them seriously:

This blog and others are a real problem for drug companies. It is clear, that among the many thousands of drug reps and other insiders, there are many willing to report questionable behavior. Actual internal memos are released which makes it hard to deny the behaviors criticized. Drug companies are going ...


Alli is here

OnThePharm thinks it should be located near the adult diapers.

BusinessWeek asks if Big Pharma is addicted to lifestyle drugs:

Try as they might to distance themselves from the lifestyle drug sector, pharmaceutical companies can't seem to kick their addiction to these lucrative products. Even as consumers and government regulators grow more alarmed over drug safety, an examination of four popular lifestyle categories"”weight loss, hair loss, sleep, and sexual dysfunction"”shows that the pharmaceutical industry is by no means shying away ...


Michael Moore's latest has been leaked on the web. (via a reader tip)

Michael Moore is happy about the piracy of his movie and approves the downloads, leading some to believe he did it on purpose:

Personally, I think it's likely Moore himself put it on the web. He used You Tube to put out the call for stories about health care and to promote the film's ...


The Cheerful Oncologist with a little perspective.

Rozerem doesn't satisfy the "American public's desire to take a pill and be knocked out, quickly." (via WSJ Health Blog)

Scary story from Sid Schawb:

There was a scandal a few years ago when it was made known that salespeople for orthopedic prosthetics (hips, I think it was) were actually doing major parts of some operations -- fitting and inserting the joints because the surgeons weren't familiar with them.

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