Surgeon to the sports star

ESPN profiles Dr. James Andrews:

A great surgeon is like a great athlete -- with extraordinary physical skills, exceptional powers of concentration, an ability to work through adversity and embrace, not shrink from, a challenge. All of that describes James Rheuben Andrews, 65, who has been patching up athletes for nearly as long as Joe Paterno has been coaching Penn State and is still at the top of his ...


ED check-in kiosks

An ER nurse takes exception to this trend.

Harvard Pilgrim CEO Charlie Baker doesn't think recent slate of reform proposals will accomplish much:

And hence, the conundrum. People want "reform" of the health care system, if you put it to them like that. They even like "fundamental reform." But the minute someone starts to fundamentally change the way the system works for THEM "” as the provider, employer, consumer, health plan, broker, supplier, etc. "” they get up ...


"I woke up because the pain was unbearable."

I bet it was. Reminds me of that scene from Heroes where Claire wakes up during her autopsy.

Paul Hsieh in an op-ed. Thankfully, none of the major presidential candidates are proposing such a system:

To guarantee "free" health care, a government must force the individual to pay for everyone else's medical care and limit his freedom to pay voluntarily for his own. With bureaucrats deciding who receives what, the individual is therefore forbidden from spending his money according to his own rational judgment (and the advice ...


Frivolous lawsuits happen in Australia too:

A woman has told the ACT Supreme Court she felt trapped when she found out she had conceived twins through the IVF program because she only wanted one child.

The former Canberra woman and her female partner are suing Doctor Sydney Robert Armellin for the wrongful birth of one of their twin girls.

Problems can arise from tattoos in this area:

Krzysztof Kuczkowski, chief of obstetric anesthesia at the University of California San Diego Medical Center, published an account in 2004 of a 34-year-old patient with tattoos covering her mid-lumbar area who received an epidural. Afterward she experienced unusual burning, tenderness and swelling where the epidural catheter had been placed. Dr. Kuczkowski believes the tattoo was the culprit. "It's possible there's a ...


In a WSJ health care op-ed:

In short, the best health reform proposals will be those that recognize and build on the virtues of our market-based medical system. Sick people around the world come here because they can't get quality care in their home countries. Many health-care professionals come here to practice, leaving behind well-meaning health-care systems where government is in charge, bureaucrats make the decisions, and where the ...


A plastic surgeon comments on her disastrous appearance at the VMAs:

Ms. Spears doesn't look in fact look "bad", she looks normal after having 2 children in rapid succession. Unfortunately, normal people aren't the benchmark for her field of work, and she did herself no favors wearing an outfit accentuating her body's changes.

She's got a modest "mommy tummy" which is relaxation of her muscles and fascia of ...


It's generally advisable not to give too much curbside advice. Here's how to do it tactfully.

Predictably, Ezra Klein is drooling over the plan, while Cato's Michael Tanner hates it.

Tattooing your eyeball

Is this for real? Nice picture to go with it.

"An exercise in futility," says patients. Well, with reimbursements being so low, what did you expect?

Supporting the contention that more competition is needed in health care:

Healthy competition makes the doctor a better doctor and the patient a better patient. In the insurance / government directed healthcare delivery system, a mudpie is a mudpie. Every neurosurgeon is paid the same under medicare to operate on a brain tumor. Not only is there no real competition to do a better job .. there is NO means ...


Stossel provokes Cuba

Cuba calls ABC News for "questioning" after Stossel's eye-opening piece on health care last week.

"Anesthetist’s Hymn"

A video from the Amateur Transplants' recent live concert.

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(via The Underwear Drawer)

Banning white coats

Is the UK forbidding white coats?

The BBC has just reported that in the name of infection control, the government have suggested? indicated? dictated? that doctors will no longer wear white coats.

Imagine that!

Apparently it is because long sleeves do not enable proper hand washing.

Presumably it is not possible to make white coats with short or 3/4 length sleeves.

Maria with some points to consider.

Scalpel busts another attempt.

Tips from a surgeon

Sid Schwab shares his wisdom.

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