Should patients be able to consent verbally to an HIV test? I say yes.

The story of the ophthalmologist who found the fungus related to Bausch & Lomb ReNu solution:

"I took a culture. But the culture takes a long time to grow," he said. "So I was treating it as a fungus on a hunch. But even with that, they were not getting better. They came to me already very debilitated."

A physician could lose his license for treating serum-negative Lyme disease:

Today, Jemsek is known for treating patients he believes suffer from chronic Lyme disease, a form of the illness the medical establishment doesn't believe exists. But many of his patients test negative when given the standard blood test for Lyme disease.

The dispute could cost Jemsek his license to practice. In December, the North Carolina Medical Board charged ...


The attacks on Fosamax are beginning to mount. I personally think the fears are grossly unfounded. The risk of osteonecrosis is almost theoretically small. Although Fosamax has not been proven to improve mortality, there is strong data showing that it reduces fractures in those with osteoporosis.

Medicines like ibuprofen kill many more people with GI bleeding - but since Fosamax is made by Merck, it's ...


A quarter of men skip post-vasectomy checks. Not smart, since the procedure has a failure rate that can reach 1 percent.

California Medicine Man wonders about the pain scale:

Note that at level two, Mr Smiley Face still has an insipid grin. I have a fairly high pain tolerance but is it just me or shouldn't zero out of ten be the only level of pain worth smiling over?

Stories of patients hurt by the liability crisis:

More and more Americans aren't getting the care they need when they need it because our legal system has turned into a lawsuit lottery where a few win and the rest of us lose. The "disappearing doctor" phenomenon is getting progressively and rapidly worse. It is an increasingly serious threat to everyone's ability to get the care they need.

These are ...


BMJ agrees with JAMA - fetuses don't feel pain:

Foetuses cannot feel pain because it requires mental development that only occurs outside the womb, says a report in the British Medical Journal.

Some husbands are undergoing plastic surgery, as the newest way to bond with their wives.

Philip Morris is upset about the smoking baby doll.

"Philip Morris is threatening legal action over the sale of a 'Smoking Baby' doll--but not because the tobacco giant is offended by the thought of an infant lighting up, but rather because the diapered cigarette enthusiast appears to be enjoying a trademarked Marlboro."

Merck is being sued for Fosamax:

According to a lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in Fort Myers, Fosamax is a defective product because it can cause osteonecrosis of the jaw, or a rotting of the jaw bone. The suit, which seeks class-action status, alleges Merck concealed and continues to hide Fosamax's potentially dangerous side effects from patients and doctors.
The cases of osteonecrosis of the jaw are associated with cancer ...


9 out of 10 Russians turned to folk remedies to help treat their cancer.

Dr. Charles urges you to support medical liability reform:

In general the malpractice system in this country needs comprehensive reform. I think special healthcare courts will be a good change someday, allowing doctors to be fairly held to objective standards of care and injured patients to receive prompt and fair compensation. The unjust lottery award system we have now benefits only trial lawyers. Trust me. I'm learning this first ...


Think ER waits are bad here? Try 20 hours in Scotland.

Doctors in Chicago are asking patients to sign "no frivolous lawsuit" contracts:

Sixteen doctors at a women's health clinic in the northwest suburbs have begun using an aggressive new tactic to fend off malpractice suits.

Patients at four WomanCare offices are being asked to sign a contract promising not to file "frivolous" malpractice suits.

Some patients have asked questions about the form, said WomanCare CEO Dr. Carl ...


Can you get addicted to tanning?

Tanning, besides its other dangers, may be addictive. A small study suggests that frequent tanners, deprived of ultraviolet light, can experience symptoms similar to opioid withdrawal.

News flash - pharmaceutical-sponsored drug studies are skewed:

But ostensibly valid industry studies can be misleading in multiple ways, Davis said. Some use too low a dose of a competitor's drug, while others choose statistical techniques that show their drug in the best light. Virtually all test drugs on patients with relatively straightforward problems.

The FDA recently has been spewing out an orgy of warnings:

It's very tough for individual physicians in community practices to drink from this fire hydrant of unmanaged information coming at them.

Punitive damages in the Merck McDarby case: $9 million.

A women who miscarried complains about a 6-hour ER wait and not receiving enough attention during her wait:

Murphy acknowledges that the hospital could not have prevented her miscarriage, "I don'Â’t think they could have at all. But they could have at least paid attention that someone was sitting there bleeding, god only knows what's going on."