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Despite hating Wal-Mart, he grudgingly accepts the benefits:

And needless to say I do all my shopping at Costco. But here I am referring patients to a particular company, a company I don't like, and who's treatment of it's employees is a top flight embarrassment. but if I can get that diabetic all her presciptions for $20 a month, hell I'll print out a map to ...


A decision that many PCPs will face. Increasing lucrative, pay-up-front services, like executive physicals or cosmetic procedures, or face bankruptcy.

And the plaintiff lawyer isn't happy:

"A majority of the jurors saw this as a $5- to $7-million case, and I very much agreed with them," Faison said. "But there was one juror who was out of step and out of touch."

The ER doc loses the malpractice case for failing to consult a vascular surgeon. With specialists increasingly failing to cover the ER, I wonder if this played into the case.

Market-driven medicine gone crazy in China:

One of Beijing's most prestigious hospitals, Beijing Union, has fallen prey to the ticket scalpers, too. The black-market trade is blatant, with no attempt at concealment and little fear of the police.

When a visitor arrives at the hospital gates or the registration building, he is swarmed by hordes of ticket hawkers. "Numbers for specialists! Numbers for specialists!" they shout loudly, sounding like ...


15,000 units of heparin was given, instead of 1,500. Always write out "units" when prescribing, rather than a "u" after the dose.

Luckily, Dr. Bennett doesn't practice in the UK. A mother gets over $80,000 after an anesthesiologist tells her to quit smoking:

A mother who was criticised by a doctor for nipping out for a cigarette moments before her caesarean operation has won more than £44,000 for her 'hurt feelings'.

The heavy smoker claimed that she developed severe post-natal depression after the anaesthetist told her off.


Not sure how this can happen.

Or, as this psychiatrist asks, a symptom of a psychiatric disorder?

For example, we know that patients with a paranoid disorder project their unacceptable feelings and ideas onto other people and groups. So isn't it possible
for these patients to project their unacceptable feelings and ideas onto different racial or ethnic groups? Additionally, is it possible that an individual exposed to trauma that was inflicted on him or her by ...


The study raises questions of administering experimental therapies to accident victims without their consent:

A controversial drug experiment, involving artificial blood given to accident victims without their consent, resulted in a 40 percent higher death rate than the standard treatment given to a control group.

Preliminary trial results released yesterday revealed that 46 subjects died after receiving the experimental blood substitute, Polyheme. There were 35 deaths ...


Steven Palter talks about remote control neural activation, and it's ominous, and potentially therapeutic, implications.

The woman with two wombs

And she had triplets. A case for House, M.D.

Dr. Charles explains why.

Somewhat inevitable that it would lead to this. Justin Deal was the one who exposed the Kaiser IT debacle. Kaiser apologist Matthew Holt chimes in with his take.

A glaring example of how a practice cannot live on Medicare patients alone:

After paying for clinical staff salaries, practice costs and malpractice insurance, a bariatric surgeon who performs nearly 300 laparoscopic gastric bypass procedures on Medicare patients makes just over $71,000 annually"”and that's before taxes, according to a recent report.

That is $20,000 less than the average pharmacist earns in a year, $50,000 less than the average ...


I wasn't aware of how much radiation airport X-rays emit:

In the several seconds the baby spent in the machine, the doctor added, he was exposed to as much radiation as he would naturally get from cosmic rays "” or high energy from outer space "” in a day.

Strict guidelines that will eliminate many from adopting Chinese orphans:

Harrah's said that under the new rules, any couple who had been divorced more than twice will be barred from adopting. Single people will be ruled out and only couples who have been married for more than two years will qualify. The age range for would-be parents will be limited to between 30 and 50.

The new health conditions ...


I think so. Just because Tylenol and NSAIDs are OTC, they can be dangerous, especially taken with other prescription medications.

In the hopes of reducing health care premiums, more employers are requiring blood tests to screen for disease. This can be good or bad, depending on what they are screening for. Non-evidence based tests like a TSH or urinalysis will be useless, and may actually drive up costs by leading to unnecessary testing.

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