Tough, sad day

A young boy from his burns. Chris Coppola continues his must-read blogging from Iraq.

Time from diagnosis of appendicitis to surgery: almost 1 1/2 days. Health care horror in Canada.

Newsflash: The majority believe health care is a right, and that someone else should pay for it.

I wonder when he actually stopped operating. (via Dr. Wes)

Anthony Youn humbly suggests Senator Check Hagel.

Always an entertaining read over at Cafepharma. (via John Mack)

Supervising residents

Their mistakes can hurt you:

Over the years, an increasing number of jurisdictions have taken the position that a resident, even one just starting out, will be held to the standard of a fully trained physician. As such, if the resident you're overseeing fails to meet that standard, and a patient is injured as a result, you can be held liable for improper supervision.

Medicine and Wikipedia

Medical student and Wikipedia administrator, Bertalan Meskó, comments on Wikipedia's growing influence.

They dominate the Google search rankings for pretty much any keyword, and it's inevitable they will be the most-visited website for medical information.

How twisted and bizarre:

Pain Doctors - The Game of Recreational Surgery is a Machiavellian board game, played within the gothic horror environment of a 19th century style hospital known only as "The Facility".

The object of the game is to become Chief Surgeon by taking as many patients as you can into surgery, with the intent of extracting as much pain as possible without actually killing them.


Lots of bomb and Hindenburg analogies with the Exubera news. All of which were a surprise to Nektar Therapeutics, who made Exubera. Pfizer's decision to drop the drug was communicated via press release.

Hospital ads

A sneaky use of "data" and non-validated studies are making their way into hospital ads. Are academic physicians working in these big-name hospital just a bunch of hypocrites?

To me it's a case of the pot calling the kettle black as physician leaders at these and other academic medical centers talk about "professionalism" and rail against pharmaceutical industry promotion while tolerating such ethical breaches by their own institutions.

Drug-resistant bacteria

Is it time to panic yet?

WhiteCoat Rants with more.

The NY Times shills for Big Pharma in an op-ed against the practice. Roy Poses, Gooznews, and Joe Paduda all chime in on the matter.

An accurate drug history

Includes non-prescription medications. This is especially important since many previously prescription medications are now available OTC.

Religion and vaccines

The controversy is well covered by Orac and California Medicine Man.

Already prevalent with prostate surgery, robots want to take over general surgery procedures. Is it cost worth it?

Athletes aren't the only ones hopped up on steroids.

Why Exubera failed

Simply put, Pfizer didn't listen, or didn't care, about what docs in the trenches thought. It cost them $2.8 billion.

A myriad of problems with the drug:

* it was expensive - almost 30% more expensive than traditional insulin
* insulin needles today are so small, they are pretty much painless
* the awkward, bong-style delivery system needs no further discussion
* the diabetic smokers ...


The medication that has been a failure from the start is one step closer to being put out to pasture. Pfizer is stopping marketing for this dud. Longtime readers here will not be surprised.

Mandating EHRs

Doctors are forced to switch EHRs, or face being booted out of Boston-based Partner's Health Care. Way to stick it to the little guy, who often has zero financial support to make the switch.

I can see Medicare and other big-payers using the same bullying tactics to force EHR adoption.

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