What would you do in the following situation?

Jenna, 18, requests an abortion referral. Because she has irregular periods, she didn't suspect pregnancy until her clothes got tight and the results of a home pregnancy test came out positive.

On exam, her uterus is 16 to 18 weeks in size. The abortion clinic in your town only terminates pregnancies before 12 weeks. You have to request special permission from ...


The reasoning is as follows:

Asthma is not a single disease, but a group of syndromes with different origins and characteristics and so it is best to scrap the name, it says.

Always good for a laugh, Dr. Charles comes up with a few decorative needles of his own.

Medblog article

Physician's Personal Advisory recently interviewed Medpundit and myself on a recent article about physician blogs: "Blogging offers creative outlet for physicians".

More warnings on Advair

A recent letter to the NEJM gives some pause on Advair. The problem is with the salmeterol component, which can lead to clinical worsening if given during an acute asthma attack.

These parents wage an internet campaign to lobby Aetna to cover their son's treatment.

Apparently her remains have been scattered in eight hospitals.

A former popcorn worker wins a $20M lawsuit which alleges this. (via a reader tip)

Not surprisingly, all in the name of money:

As a result of the price hike, publicly funded clinics from Maine to New Mexico are running short on popular contraception products, scrambling to find reasonably priced generics, and scaling back on the choices they offer low-income women. Chronically underfunded, the clinics are in no shape to absorb this blow, especially now. The number of women in need of subsidized contraception ...


Great article. Another major reason for variation is that medicine is rarely black and white. There can be several different, yet effective, approaches to treat and diagnose disease. It's not called "the art of medicine" for nothing.

Sid Schwab has a wonderful blog over at Surgeonsblog. This entry talks about his novel prevention for STDs:

So I did a little experiment with my staff of medics, who were not inclined toward abstinence. I gave them little tubes of neomycin ointment. "You didn't hear it from me," I said as I passed the little saviors out. "But you might want to see what happens if ...


A nice introductory list of medical podcasts.

A grim and compelling article of this hellish time.

He makes no qualms about a two-tiered system in Canada:

In the past, he has compared Canada's medicare system to that of North Korea. He's also said that the universal nature of Canada's medicare system is fundamentally unfair and that those Canadians who are better off should have to pay privately.

At his Cambie Surgery Centre in Vancouver, he services medicare patients. But he also openly lets those who ...


This statement rings so true:

The lesson is clear: when government and other third parties get involved, health care costs spiral. The answer is not a system of outright socialized medicine, but rather a system that encourages everyone- doctors, hospitals, patients, and drug companies- to keep costs down. As long as "somebody else" is paying the bill, the bill will be too high.

It's part of movement to bring more medical care into the suburbs.

Another way patients lose with high malpractice premiums:

A retired medical doctor in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho,who wants to donate his time to the Dirne Health Care Center in northern Idaho says he is unable to do so because medical malpractice insurance would cost him at least $10,000.

Norman Leffler, 77, said he wants to work at the center, which has a waiting list of as many as 500 ...


More bold words from the President: "A lot of OB/GYNs are leaving the practice because they're getting sued out of existence." (via This Makes Me Sick)

They are already in a defensive mode.

And he takes it personally.

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