Idiot - he got arrested for possession of drugs as well.

Dr. Wes links to fascinating pictures of this increasingly common operation.

An unusual cause of PE

From hypertrophied muscles of the shoulder and neck. Interesting.

Female sexual dysfunction:

Many drugmakers are highly aroused at the prospect of making money . . .

. . . "We're not just talking about yuppies who have gotten to the point where they're singing the Peggy Lee song, 'Is That All There Is?'," says David Ferguson, a pharmaceutical industry consultant and editor of Women's Sexual Health Journal. "Female sexual dysfunction is very real and is very painful for ...


An ER doc talks about frustration with PCPs. Appropriate communication solves most of these problems.

The many moving parts of a finely-tuned machine.

They added to the confusion during the Cartoon Network hoax in Boston.

Paul Levy eloquently writes about what a physician goes through when named in a malpractice suit. What is "just business" for lawyers is intensely personal for physicians, thus forming the basis of the eternal battle between the professions:

Doctors devote their lives to alleviating human suffering caused by disease. They spend decades in training. They disrupt their family lives to be available to help others. For them, this ...


And answers some hate mail.

Virginia's Supreme Court will decide that soon.

A neurology resident talks about how he gets the free stuff on pop-up ads.

For real. (via kottke)

More AMSA woo

Paras Mehta, a medical student at University of Michigan, has edited the first issue of AMSA's alternative-medical thereapy newsletter. The decline of American medical education continues.

More on AMSA's continuing brainwashing of medical students.

Report bad TV/movie CPR

Email this physician for examples of poor CPR technique you see in the media.

A frequently unpublicized, but significant, number to understand when interpreting studies:

Generally, you will see fewer heart attacks in the statin group (about 30% fewer in one real-world trial). Reducing the risk by a third sounds like a lot, which is one reason many hundreds of thousands of men with no sign of heart disease take statins. But that number is meaningless unless you take into account the percentage ...


Virtual autopsies

Using CT and MRI scanning to find the cause of death. I wonder who would pay for this.

Good to see the elderly finding a way to exercise.

The Independent Urologist, in a solo practice, puts the work into the proper perspective. Due to doctors' often poor business skills, they often don't think this way:

5 UA's per day = 1.5 hours of your receptionist = 3 months of website hosting
1 new patient = 15 hours for you employee = 2 ½ months of internet access
1 follow-up patient = monthly cell phone bill = ...


ScienceRoll looks at two potential candidates this year.

A urologist gives us the real answer.

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