OnThePharm with an illustrated primer.

With some asinine reimbursement changes, they are well on their way.

Gary Schwitzer says give me a break.

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The drug's approved, but not available until 2010. The WSJ Health Blog speculates why:

We can't help noticing that Provigil, a Cephalon drug that alleviates sleepiness and is very similar to Nuvigil, will face generic competition in 2012. As Megan Murphy of Lazard Capital Markets pointed out in a note this morning, bringing Nuvigil (patent protected until 2023) to the market in 2010 would give the company just ...


Questions about Avandia and Januvia are leading diabetic experts to turn to oldies like metformin and insulin.

The Cheerful Oncologist runs down some upcoming cancer drugs from GSK.

The threat of lawsuits is one reason, and doing C-section can be equated to a form of defensive medicine:

"They're never faulted for doing a c-section," said Faith Frieden, chief of obstetrics and gynecology at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center in New Jersey. "It's never the wrong decision to do a c-section. No one's ever going to say to them, 'why were you so quick to do the cesarean ...


tPA for frostbite?

It has potential:

Only 10% of patients with frostbitten fingers or toes who received tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) required amputation of necrotic digits, compared with 41% of patients who didn't get thrombolytic therapy.

One of the most important people on the inpatient hospital team.

Patient demand and defensive medicine has led to an explosion of CT scans and other radiology studies.

A responsible article from the NY Times, highlighting the potential radiation exposure of too many x-rays. Patients take note - more tests does not equate to better medicine:

Advances in radiology have radically transformed medical practice, with CT scans and nuclear medicine exams providing physicians with the ability ...


No ER waits

Some emergency rooms promise no waiting in the ER. I wonder if this would lead to further unnecessary ER use.


The practice of stopping insulin to lose weight:

Like many teenage girls, Lee Ann Thill was obsessed with her appearance. A diabetic, she was already suffering from bulimia -- forcing herself to throw up to lose weight. But it wasn't enough, and she'd recently put on 20 pounds.

Then one day at a camp for diabetic teens, she heard counselors chew out two girls for practicing "diabulimia" -- not ...


A professor with mild autism explains:

Temple Grandin is an assistant professor of animal science at Colorado State University. She wrote Thinking in Pictures and has made numerous TV appearances. She is mildly autistic, which has given her a unique insight into the way autistics think. She contends it is very similar to the way that prey animals, such as horses and cattle, think.

The battle in the NHS continues:

Please feel free to criticise me in any way you like. I have but one request. Your spelling, your use of commas and apostrophes and your general grammar are embarrassing. All doctors have passed "O" level or GCSE English. Could I suggest you get one of them to glance at your copy before you publish?

How the hell do you expect doctors to ...


That's the word coming out of Glaxo.

Zealot Dan Carlot starts a blog on the topic. (via Pharmalot)

Taking a page from Florida physicians, some lawyers are going without malpractice insurance.

An OB waxes negative on the experience:

I now believe that most contingency recruiters just do not care. They sell, sell, sell and sell some more. They go for volume, they go for the numbers. The more emails they send out, the more people they contact, the more chances they may have to get an answer and sell one of their jobs. That is why they remind me of ...


On op-ed on the state of medicine today:

The public has been promised perfection in medical care. The wonders of medical science are hailed and the pitfalls that exist in clinical practice are ignored. Illness and hospitalizations that result in poor outcomes are often exploited by malpractice attorneys who stand ready and eager to sue.

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