Hospital credit cards

The WSJ Health Blog looks at the fine print.

Head: NC/AT

Count on Dr. Rob to delve further into what normocephalic, atraumatic really means.

Instant medicine

A list of procedures that give instant and dramatic relief to the patient.

So rampant in Appalachia, that "delivery companies had to add trucks to their routes."

Suck it up, says an ivory-tower academic:

Nonetheless, even the best hospitals will have an occasional misstep. There is no reasonable way to make exceptions to the new policy, so hospitals will have to live with it.

Yawn. The problems with this approach have been well-documented on this blog.



A compromise - having physicians staff retail clinics:

The Duane Reade retail clinics, advertised at the stores as "Duane Reade Walk-In Medical Care," function as private medical practices that lease space from Duane Reade. Despite the name, doctors own the clinics, which have low overhead costs in a city where setting up a practice can be wildly prohibitive.

Doctors' groups said they had fewer objections to doctor-run retail ...


Read more about GruntDoc's day.

What happens when you drink eight Red Bull caffeine drinks:

Australian man, Matthew Penbross (28), found that out recently after drinking eight of the super-highly caffeinated beverages during a five hour period. I guess eight is his unlucky number, because after downing that last one he collapsed. An ambulance was called and the first aid crew found Penbross having a heart attack. Realizing his heart had stopped, they had ...


Dr. Rob gives us an MRI interpretation that is long, but not really helpful. Is the radiologist trying to protect himself from liability?

Spending more time with the patient is one reason (hey, maybe billing by the hour would solve this issue).

Pallimed skeptically looks at the recent report: "I am still holding my breath for the article that says pain control is not too hot or too cold but just right."

Panda talks resident work-hour restrictions:

So why not starve residents? We deprive them of sleep every third or fourth day, why not make it a clean sweep and withold food and water as an additional character-building exercise, especially if we're to operate under the theory that tired residents are as effective as well-rested ones?

IT security is so strict at this hospital that some doctors resort to using a neighboring house's Wi-Fi to get on the internet:

This Blog recently talked to an information-technology director at a mid-size hospital who says that visitors, doctors, and even the IT department routinely log on to "Monkey Business," the unsecured wireless network in the house behind the hospital. The hospital's network only allows registered computers to connect ...


Tony Chen asks if the healthcare community can learn from Facebook. Some new Web 2.0 companies are certainly trying to fill this niche (Sermo, iMedExchange, and Revolution come to mind).

Physicians should switch to a billable hours system. Lawyers are now breaking the $1,000 per hour mark, while physicians are taking it hard with an impending 10% Medicare fee cut next year.

Here's what a trial lawyer says about breaking the $1K per hour barrier:

"Frankly, it's a little hard to think about anyone who doesn't save lives being worth this much money," says David Boies, one of ...


Just two.

Must-read op-ed that lays out the arguments:

In discussing the morality of a single-payer system, those efficiency considerations are irrelevant. In discussing the morality, one thing matters1: who is made better off, and who worse off, by the system?

Most advocates of single payer, I think, care most about this justice claim. They may also think that they can make the system more efficient, but if one could ...


Moose farts are partly responsible for the climate change:

Norway is concerned that its national animal, the moose, is harming the climate by emitting an estimated 2,100 kilos of carbon dioxide a year through its belching and farting.

Norwegian newspapers, citing research from Norway's technical university, said a motorist would have to drive 13,000 kilometers in a car to emit as much CO2 as a moose does in ...


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