It shows how desperate the shortage situation is down under.

First, hours were reduced to 80 hours. Now there's talk of part-time, or flexible resident hours. The lifestyle takeover of medicine continues.

Bard-Parker chimes in:

So does this paper offer a solution for a problem that does not exist? Maybe maybe not. With close to eighty percent of chief residents pursuing fellowship training of one form or another maybe extending the training would encourage more ...


This is what you get when economists try to do medical studies:

Enter Michael Waldman, of Cornell's Johnson Graduate School of Management. He got to thinking that TV watching — already vaguely associated with ADHD — just might be factor X. That there was no medical research to support the idea didn't faze him. "I decided the only way it will get done is if I do it," he says. ...


Cancer comics

Follow the adventures of Cancer Vixen.

A physician explains why it's so difficult:

Certainly, there are dedicated people in Washington, D.C., who recognize the peril that we are in. The trouble is, the system to fix American health care is wholly unsuited to the task confronting it.

Governmental responsibility for health care is split among multiple committees and offices. Each has its own rabidly defended turf and obsesses over its own bureaucratic interests, rather than ...


Quackery on the web

Buyer beware - especially anything advertised as "anti-aging". Also, see Orac's weekly Dose of Woo and Quackwatch for more quackery.

People with money to burn, and unscrupulous doctors who take advantage of them. The ultimate in concierge care:

But executives with money to burn should be careful. Physicians who hear the sound of coins clinking have incentive to recommend procedures that cost a lot but may have dubious benefit. Whole body scans may sound cool, but they aren't very specific. Many wealthy people who latched on to the body ...


I'm pretty sure the first malpractice case will kill them off:

But David Karp, a risk management consultant in Cloverdale CA, thinks TelaDoc's physicians could face some potential liability. "Of course, some minor conditions can be diagnosed over the phone," says Karp. "In fact, doctors do this all the time. But when you take away the ability to see the patient, to palpate the body, check the skin color, evaluate ...


Stossel on health care

Taking a view against universal insurance:

Anyway, insurance is a terrible way to pay for things. It burdens us with paperwork, invites cheating and, worst of all, creates a moral hazard that distorts incentives. It raises costs by insulating consumers from medicine's real prices.

Suppose you had grocery insurance. With your employer paying 80 percent of the bill, you would fill the cart with lobster and filet mignon. ...


A major malpractice settlement in Canada. A physician underestimates the risk of twinning in Clomid and it costs $12 million:

"The physician was found negligent for understating the increased risk of twinning associated with taking Clomid to stimulate ovulation," court papers show.

"There was no negligence in prescribing Clomid; the only fault was a failure to disclose the risks."

"It could have been prevented because I never ...


The mystery patient

Admitted to the hospital for almost seven months, and they still don't know his name.

Maybe she thought she was going to pay for her hospital stay in cash?

. . . since we've had a car crash into a doctors office. Until today.

Looking to curb losses, more academic medical centers are opening satellite offices in the suburbs.

Link fixed. Sorry, my bad.

More backlash against Suzanne Somers' new book. More here.

Like any test that boosts primary care revenue, this test is coming under fire.

Possibly, and this won't make me too sad.

A ridiculous use of EMS resources.

. . . or this:

If that doesn't happen, we'll eventually end up with a health care system like Brazil's where you can have anything you want if you're rich, and most of the rest of you can die in the slums.

I think he's doing a pretty good job. Nice to see what goes on behind the scenes.

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