Lack of clarity in the laws are causing trouble for those legally able to use and grow marijuana.

Follow-up on Dr. RW's take on how hypocritical AMSA is. How could a medical student organization be so uncritical?

On what studies or evidence does AMSA base these assertions, particularly the last one, in which AMSA explicitly states that TCM is "well-suited" to a certain group of patients? None whatsoever. The references are all books on TCM and acupuncture. There's not a single peer-reviewed scientific study or clinical ...


If the floor has bacteria on it, even one to two seconds is enough to contaminate the food.

Revolutionary, or the next step to designer babies?

Before, they had to go to the edge of campus to smoke a joint to treat their pain.

They're the only state with this restriction. It's a losing battle, and it is only delaying the inevitable:

Some doctors fear midlevel providers are "dumbing down" the medical profession. Dr. John Wernert, past president of the Indianapolis Medical Society, wrote in July a letter to IMS members titled: "Turf Wars "“ Defending the Practice of Medicine," about midlevel providers having expanded privileges.

He wrote: "As physicians, we need ...


Apparently he pocketed the settlement and jumped town.

Merck's Vioxx replacement is off to a bad start.

I don't know how they can continue to give medical advice over the phone in the UK. Disaster waiting to happen.

Could some of it be a placebo effect? I am not aware of a significant amount of cases where generic medications did not appropriately stand in for its brand name counterpart.

Kim at Emergiblog raises some serious questions about where Grand Rounds is heading. Having hosted a few times, I've been guilty of trying to include every post. Limiting it to 25-30 posts would help make it more digestible. I don't agree with "spin-off" medical carnivals however - as I think this simply dilutes the impact Grand Rounds has.

Pharma Marketing Blog critiques a Rozerem ad, and suspects the drug/advertising company is fighting back in the comments section.

At 103, she's still going strong. She retired from practicing medicine five years ago:

Despite of her hearing and vision problems and limited mobility, Denmark said there's nothing else wrong with her.

"My heart's perfect, my liver's perfect, my digestion's perfect. So I doubt there's a reason to think I'll go anytime soon."

Fixing it will go beyond money:

Across Iraq, many hospitals have neither computers nor meaningful patient files. Working X-ray machines and MRI scanners are few and far between.

At one of the busiest hospitals in Baghdad, five people die on average every day because medics and nurses don't have the equipment to treat heart attacks and other commonplace ills and accidents, said Husam Abud, a doctor at al-Yarmouk Hospital. ...


The Lancet starts a blog

Creatively titled, The Lancet Blog. Welcome to the party medical journalists. Can the NEJM be far behind? (via Clinical Cases and Images)

A "kidney bazaar"

Poor Pakistanis are donating their kidneys for money.

A paramedic observes that computers are increasingly tuned to an internet health pages during his EMS calls.

I haven't had anyone yet give me their list so they can switch to the $4 generics, but I agree Wal-Mart's marketing ploy has led to some beneficial ripples. And yes, their generics list is not too shabby.

Deja vu in the ER

A medical student sees for himself how broken our health care system is. He writes about a typical ER encounter, repeated several times throughout the day:

Hi Doc, I'm here because I have chest pain. It started this morning, and it feels like an elephant is on my chest. What's that? No, I don't have a regular doctor. I don't have insurance. What's that? No, well, I had ...


OnThePharm thinks so. The GLP-1 based therapies are an exciting new class of diabetes medications. So far, Byetta has worked well for my patients - the jury is still out with Januvia. Merck certainly hopes that Januvia will rescue them.

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