Urologist keagirl wonders if bad news should be given before or after a weekend.

I agree that the US health care has problems, but the solutions that Moore proposes may be even worse than the status quo:

Michael Moore is handing out fake bandages to promote his new film Sicko, an exposé of the failings of the U.S. health care system.

But he may feel like applying a couple to himself after the mauling he received yesterday from several Canadian journalists "“ ...


A woman discharged twice dies in the hospital during her third visit.


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There's none left, according to Panda Bear:

We pay lip service to the idea of patient-centered health care of course, and including the patient as an equal partner in medical decisions is the New Religion. In our society however, where a physician can get sued for not having written on the discharge instructions for a dead crack dealer, "Return to Emergency Department if chest pain returns," well, there just isn't ...


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It seems to be a mess.

This is what you get when cognitive specialties are not reimbursed properly. Patients lose:

As long as insurance reimbursements are doled out like well-paid piece work, fields like rheumatology will depend on doctors entering the profession out of the goodness of their hearts. There will always be some of those, but how many?

Fatigue from tough call hours triggered his fatal epilepsy:

The Medical Panel found Dr Nettelbeck was working from 4.30pm on December 3, 2004, to 12.30am on December 4. He was then on call until 8am.

He had done the same shift, including being on call, for the previous 12 days. He had been called in five times.

Dr Nettelbeck was staying in accommodation provided by the hospital during ...


Litigation is leading to the death of doctor slang:

The increasing rate of litigation means that there is a far higher chance that doctors will be asked in court to explain the exact meaning of NFN (Normal for Norfolk), FLK (Funny looking kid) or GROLIES (Guardian Reader Of Low Intelligence in Ethnic Skirt).

Dr Fox recounts the tale of one doctor who had scribbled TTFO - an ...


This letter suggests that these clinics harken back to the days of medicine before HMOs:

Before managed care, health care remained settled within the community: The patient was dispensed medication by the town chemist whose apothecary was at most a few doors down from the office of the local physician.

Since managed care, the patient has had to traverse the self-interested arrangements and managements of organizations that concentrate ...


Congrats to Robert Centor, one of the "originals", for 5 years of great blogging.

DTC marketing going too far, according to Shrink Rap.

Perfect teamwork between the surgeon and scrub nurse is like making beautiful music together.

Previously hypothesized to be due to the withdrawal of HRT. Can it be because of declining mammogram screening rates instead?

"First one's free, then you pay, then you're hooked."

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We have undeniable health care problems here in the United States. However, uprooting the system, causing significant upheaval and changing to a single-payer model is clearly not the answer. It's simply switching one set of problems for another set that may be even worse. David Hogberg enlightens us:

While Sweden is a first world country, its health care system - at least in regards to access ...


Some disturbing talk in the blogosphere about a case in Chicago of a Muslim physician delaying treatment to a Jewish patient. Some dangerous racist overtones at play here.

Too often, physicians prescribe drugs first:

A survey of 200 general practitioners found 80 per cent would recommend weight-loss drugs such as Xenical, however only 26 per cent would refer overweight or obese patients to a dietician.

A story of the slow decline into polypharmacy of a 17-year old autistic.

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