Although this drug has its share of problems, it is still useful in selected populations, and for those who are hesitant to start an injectable diabetes medication.

Cost is the only reason why this medication was pulled, leaving vets with one less therapeutic option for their diabetes.

Still want single-payer after reading this story from California?

As a former rural breast cancer surgeon whose practice consisted largely of uninsured and underinsured women, I am uncertain why the same group that brought taxpayers $20,000 toilet seats should be in charge of the medical treatment choices patients and their families make.

As a provider of government medicine, I've seen the low quality of decision-making offered when it is ...


A 75-year old woman suffers an MI, which was only the start of her problems. Subsequently she had:

i) broken ribs from CPR
ii) a broken nose and skin tears due to a fall from her hospital bed
iii) facial burns, from a fire trigger by electrocautery of her wounds.

That's one tough hospital course.

"As drug testing becomes more common, so will incidents of niacin poisoning."

Consumer Reports on media-hyped tests and treatments. Several newer modalities, like virtual colonoscopy and CT-angiograms, make the controversial list.

Edwin Leap on the Southern language nuances in his ED.

Maggie Mahar on the deteriorating work environment for nurses:

Asked if they are on anti-depressants: 52.8 % of those who answered the poll responded, "Couldn't make it without them;" over 18% checked, "No, but I think I need some;" and over 22% replied, "No, but I know a lot of nurses who are."

In light of recent news on bacterial resistance, Derek Lowe wonders if we have to re-think the antibacterial medication paradigm:

. . . researchers will have to rethink their attitudes towards antiinfective drugs. For serious infections, we're going to have to think about these projects the way we've traditionally thought of oncology agents - last-ditch therapies for deadly conditions. Anticancer therapies have long had more latitude in their side effects, ...


Younger adults are increasingly using cholesterol and blood pressure medication. Is this really good news?

. . . experts point to higher rates of obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol problems among young people, the Associated Press reports. Also, docs are getting more aggressive with preventive treatments. "This is good news, that more people in this age range are taking these medicines," said Dan Jones, president of the ...


July syndrome

Myth or real?

An ED, not a hotel

Sometimes a menu may be more appropriate for demanding ED patients.

Sid Schwab discusses the healing ridge:

As much as feeling the healing ridge can alarm the unexpecting, it's a sign of health, the indication that help is on the way, that work is going on to effect healing.

Glomus tumor

Suture for a Living takes a look at this rare hand tumor.

The latest word from the plastic surgeons.

Always seems to be 20, no matter what the situation.

Here are a couple of cases that illustrates the clinical gray area of banning abortion:

Once abortion becomes illegal here physicians will face jail time for caring for these septic abortion patients. So, fingers crossed and let's all hope these patients will be considerate enough to expire before they get to the hospital.

It comes down to campaign contributions, where physicians are being out-donated 7.5 to 1 by lawyers.

Got pagers?

Why you should tie your scrub pants tight.

Respected writer and general surgeon Sid Schwab will be joining the blogging team over at MedPage Today's new blog. Dr. Schwab's Surgeonsblog is a perennial occupant at the top the MedBlog Power 8, and I am thrilled he will also be contributing his witty insights over MedPage Today.

Fascinating exhibit. From the press release:

Inside terrorism is a photography exhibit which uses actual X-rays and CT-scans from the two largest hospitals in Jerusalem to explore the most important social issue of our time: the effects of terrorism on a civilian population.

"Enlargement of Watch in Neck"

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